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After 17+ years as an IT Professional at some of the top tech companies, I remember what it’s like feeling isolated and disconnected from colleagues, teams, and departments. Organizational science shows that happiness helped solve some really common problems in the workplace like stress, physical and mental health challenges, withdrawal from daily tasks, and disengagement when feeling bored or self-critical. 

Survey data shows that about 30% of people report that their jobs cause them stress on a regular basis. And this is seen in the data analyzed by the science of happiness, where 30% to 40% of people feel like their job is a consistent source of stress.
— Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkley and Co-Director of The Greater Good Science Center

Satisfaction and engagement are not the same

Employee engagement is not the same as job satisfaction or even workplace happiness. Personnel can be satisfied with their jobs and still be disengaged. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has identified that organizations with strong coaching cultures value and invest in professional coach practitioners, with accredited coaching skills, to champion employees at all levels.

Why Choose Me

No individual, team, or a department should ever feel they're going it alone. Period.


That Loving Space was founded on a compelling desire to help bold people transform their now. Serving humanity as a Certified Professional Coach with a focus on Emotional Wellness Coaching. My professional background started in the high-tech industry with over 17+ years as an IT professional. I’ve held tenure in companies like Microsoft, AT&T, and IBM to name a few.

My coaching experience is backed by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) with 550+ hours of Emotional Wellness Coaching. It's a passion that truly lights me up and honors natural creativity, inner resourcefulness, and innovation that’s already within.


Empowering Solutions Designed To Improve Performance

Workplace Wellness is a non-therapeutic corporate benefit intended to strengthen and improve skills for wellness in the workplace, enhancing employee engagement. Employees work with their coach over pre-scheduled confidentially held virtual appointments.


Facilitate and review baseline assessments of employee engagement, name what’s here and now, and develop evidence-based action plans.


Targeted coaching sessions are identified and addressed for co-creating opportunities to improve.


Coaching team managers the skills to empower employees to perform exceptionally.


My Approach

My Emotional Wellness Coaching program is a non-therapeutic corporate benefit designed to strengthen and improve skills for wellness in the workplace that enhances engagement.

It’s a 12-month partnership, with a focus on achieving the goals and objectives set forth by employees toward improved wellness, engagement, productivity, and leadership.

The Program’s Scope

Employees work with their coach over eight (8) confidentially held sessions, each 45-minutes in length, with an optional follow-up booster session 3-4 weeks after ending the 8th session.

A Strategic Approach

All sessions are conveniently held by video or telephone in mutually agreed upon pre-scheduled appointments. Here’s my strategic approach.

  1. Employees complete informed consent forms and baseline assessments.

  2. Becoming clear on what’s here and now.

  3. Set up achievable goals for their specific domain of work.

  4. Complete in-between session practices and accountabilities.

  5. Implement learned principles through practical accountability and action.


Into The Flow

This approach to wellness in the workplace is designed with your organization’s mission in mind. All virtual sessions are conveniently held over phone or video. This is what to expect in the eight coaching sessions for employees of all levels.

Session 1

Introduction, a discovery session into the here and now and clarifying the objective going forward.

Session 2

Using evidence-based principles, skills, and tools to implement an actionable plan for them, by them that aligns with them personally and professionally.

Sessions 3-5

Holding them accountable to their desired experience with exercises and skills development.

Sessions 6, 7, and 8

Championing and supporting their objective in new and creative ways. Fostering greater meaning, innovation, leadership.


Please Meet

Leah H. from NY Life

Leah H

I Backup What I Say…


Leah, a financial services professional, has passion for helping people and loves her job, and recognized an opportunity for improved work/life balance. To Leah, there wasn’t enough time in the day to meet everyone else’s needs. Her goal was to come up with a plan for improving balance in life and work.

THE Reality

Exploring the here and now, and that which mattered most to Leah, we uncovered her most sincere values. In doing so, Leah also learned the real opportunity wasn’t an opportunity for improved work/life balance. What was uncovered for Leah was the realization that her needs matters equally as much relative to her loved ones.


What happened next was a welcomed surprise. Leah discovered her core values and experienced a moment of personal awareness that she is worth gracing herself the very love she gives to others. The result was an awareness of her inner sense of power toward intentional prioritization of her time. The bonus, making personal time for self-care. Leading to a greater sense of fulfillment.

A Few Words From Her

Ty is simply a joy to work with! From our first meeting, I felt 100% comfortable and was amazed at the level of intuitive questions he asked and what I was able to see in myself in such a brief time. I highly recommend his services and consider him a trusted resource!

- Leah H, Financial Services Professional


Only As Good As Their Last Session

As long as employees are supplying me with everything they need in integrity and courageously living up to their end of the bargain and commitment, the benefits are not only quantitative, they are profoundly qualitative.

wellness in the workplace benefits

  • Improved confidence, presence, and leadership skills.

  • Achievement of goals and increased professional investment.

  • Heightened ability to positively influence and negotiate for results.

  • An enhanced sense of ownership and credibility.

  • Greater recognition and reward through engagement.

  • Career advancement, including promotions, and higher-level projects.

  • Enhanced organizational awareness and ease in navigating the culture.


Professional Relationship

Wellness Coaching Relationship

Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach, to be honest, and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can be granted only by the client, and the client agrees to do just that: have the coaching relationship be powerful.

If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate that belief and take action to return the power to the coaching relationship. A designed alliance provides the “container” in which coaching takes place. Once the initial container is set, a designed alliance is continuous and ongoing. Client and coach design the container so that it is customized to specifically meet the needs of a particular client.

It is also a dynamic container, capable of changing over time so that it will continue to meet the client’s needs — not become obsolete. Much of the coaching alliance happens in the initial discovery session between coach and client.


The coach promises the client that all information provided to the coach will be kept strictly confidential and honored in the highest regard.

The coach will not at any time divulge, either directly or indirectly, that Coach and Client are in a relationship without the permission of the Client. The Coach will not use any Client information for the Coach’s benefit or disclose or communicate in any manner any information to a third party unless the Client provides written permission. Except where required by law.

If Client refers a friend, family member, employee or colleague, the Coach will be most grateful, but will not inform the referring Client about any interaction beyond the referral.

When entering into agreements with a Sponsor (corporations, non-profits or any kind of organization), the Coach holds each individual being coached as a Client, and respects each client’s right to confidentiality.

If it becomes evident that the Client intends to commit harm to self, another person, or violate the law in any way, this will break any covenant of the Coach to confidentiality, as required by law.

Code Of Ethics

The Coach adheres to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards, which may be found here.


I understand that my organization is working with That Loving Space, LLC. for professional Emotional Wellness Coaching at the agreed upon schedule and fee. Emotional Wellness Coaching is distinctly different from counseling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of emotional problems. Since professional coaching does not constitute medical consultation or treatment, health insurance does not apply. These fees may be considered deductible business expenses.

The Agreement By And Between Your Organization (The “Company”), And That Loving Space, LLC. (“Consultant”).

1. Consulting Relationship.  
During the term of this Agreement, Consultant will provide consulting services to the Company as described on hereto (the “Services”).  Consultant represents that Consultant is duly licensed (as applicable) and has the qualifications, the experience and the ability to properly perform the Services. Consultant shall use Consultant’s best efforts to perform the Services such that the results are satisfactory to the Company.
2. Fees.  
As consideration for the Services to be provided by Consultant and other obligations, the Company shall pay to Consultant the amounts specified on Fee Schedule page hereto at the times specified therein.
3. Expenses.  
Consultant shall not be authorized to incur on behalf of the Company any expenses and will be responsible for all expenses incurred while performing the Services [except as expressly specified] unless otherwise agreed to by the Company’s [Title of Officer], which consent shall be evidenced in writing for any expenses in excess of [Expenses]. As a condition to receipt of reimbursement, Consultant shall be required to submit to the Company reasonable evidence that the amount involved was both reasonable and necessary to the Services provided under this Agreement.
4. Term and Termination.  
Consultant shall serve as a consultant to the Company for a period commencing on Commencement Date and terminating on the earlier of (a) the date Consultant completes the provision of the Services to the Company under this Agreement, or (b) the date Consultant shall have been paid the maximum amount of consulting fees.

Notwithstanding the above, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon [Days Notice] business days’ written notice. In the event of such termination, Consultant shall be paid for any portion of the Services that have been performed prior to the termination.

Should either party default in the performance of this Agreement or materially breach any of its obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to Consultant’s obligations under the Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement between the Company and Consultant referenced below, the non-breaching party may terminate this Agreement immediately if the breaching party fails to cure the breach within Days business days after having received written notice by the non-breaching party of the breach or default.
5. Independent Contractor. 
Consultant’s relationship with the Company will be that of an independent contractor and not that of an employee.
6. Method of Provision of Services.  
Consultant shall be solely responsible for determining the method, details and means of performing the Services.  Consultant may, at Consultant’s own expense, employ or engage the services of such employees, subcontractors, partners or agents, as Consultant deems necessary to perform the Services (collectively, the “Assistants”).  The Assistants are not and shall not be employees of the Company, and Consultant shall be wholly responsible for the professional performance of the Services by the Assistants such that the results are satisfactory to the Company. 

6.1 No Authority to Bind Company.  Consultant acknowledges and agrees that Consultant and its Assistants have no authority to enter into contracts that bind the Company or create obligations on the part of the Company without the prior written authorization of the Company.
6.2 No Benefits.  Consultant acknowledges and agrees that Consultant and its Assistants shall not be eligible for any Company employee benefits and, to the extent Consultant otherwise would be eligible for any Company employee benefits but for the express terms of this Agreement, Consultant (on behalf of itself and its employees) hereby expressly declines to participate in such Company employee benefits.
6.3 Withholding; Indemnification.  Consultant shall have full responsibility for applicable withholding taxes for all compensation paid to Consultant or its Assistants under this Agreement, and for compliance with all applicable labour and employment requirements with respect to Consultant’s self-employment, sole proprietorship or other form of business organisation, and with respect to the Assistants, including state worker’s compensation insurance coverage requirements and any U.S. immigration visa requirements. Consultant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Company harmless from any liability for, or assessment of, any claims or penalties with respect to such withholding taxes, labour or employment requirements, including any liability for, or assessment of, withholding taxes imposed on the Company by the relevant taxing authorities with respect to any compensation paid to Consultant or its Assistants.

7. Supervision of Consultant’s Services.  
All of the services to be performed by Consultant, including but not limited to the Services, will be as agreed between Consultant and the Company’s [Supervisor’s Title]. Consultant will be required to report to the [Supervisor’s Title] concerning the Services performed under this Agreement. The nature and frequency of these reports will be left to the discretion of the [Supervisor’s Title].
8. Consulting or Other Services for Competitors. 
Consultant represents and warrants that Consultant does not presently perform or intend to perform, during the term of the Agreement, consulting or other services for, or engage in or intend to engage in an employment relationship with, companies who businesses or proposed businesses in any way involve products or services which would be competitive with the Company’s products or services, or those products or services proposed or in development by the Company during the term of the Agreement (except for those companies listed). If, however, Consultant decides to do so, Consultant agrees that, in advance of accepting such work, Consultant will promptly notify the Company in writing, specifying the organization with which Consultant proposes to consult, provide services, or become employed by and to provide information sufficient to allow the Company to determine if such work would conflict with the terms of this Agreement, including the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement, the interests of the Company or further services which the Company might request of Consultant. If the Company determines that such work conflicts with the terms of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately. In no event shall any of the Services be performed for the Company at the facilities of a third party or using the resources of a third party.
9. Confidentiality Agreement.  
Consultant shall sign, or has signed, a Confidentiality Agreement, on or before the date Consultant begins providing the Services.
10. Conflicts with this Agreement.  
Consultant represents and warrants that neither Consultant nor any of the Assistants is under any pre-existing obligation in conflict or in any way inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Consultant represents and warrants that Consultant’s performance of all the terms of this Agreement will not breach any agreement to keep in confidence proprietary information acquired by Consultant in confidence or in trust prior to commencement of this Agreement. Consultant warrants that Consultant has the right to disclose and/or or use all ideas, processes, techniques and other information, if any, which Consultant has gained from third parties, and which Consultant discloses to the Company or uses in the course of performance of this Agreement, without liability to such third parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Consultant agrees that Consultant shall not bundle with or incorporate into any deliveries provided to the Company herewith any third party products, ideas, processes, or other techniques, without the express, written prior approval of the Company. Consultant represents and warrants that Consultant has not granted and will not grant any rights or licenses to any intellectual property or technology that would conflict with Consultant’s obligations under this Agreement. Consultant will not knowingly infringe upon any copyright, patent, trade secret or other property right of any former client, employer or third party in the performance of the Services.
11. Miscellaneous.

11.1 Amendments and Waivers.  Any term of this Agreement may be amended or waived only with the written consent of the Company.
11.2 Sole Agreement.  This Agreement, constitutes the sole agreement of the parties and supersedes all oral negotiations and prior writings with respect to the subject matter hereof.
11.3 Notices.  Any notice required or permitted by this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed sufficient upon delivery, when delivered personally or by overnight courier or sent by email or fax (upon customary confirmation of receipt), or forty-eight (48) hours after being deposited in the U.S. mail as certified or registered mail with postage prepaid, addressed to the party to be notified at such party’s address or fax number as set forth on the signature page or as subsequently modified by written notice.
11.4 Choice of Law.  The validity, interpretation, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of [jurisdiction], without giving effect to the principles of conflict of laws.
11.5 Severability.  If one or more provisions of this Agreement are held to be unenforceable under applicable law, the parties agree to renegotiate such provision in good faith.  In the event that the parties cannot reach a mutually agreeable and enforceable replacement for such provision, then (i) such provision shall be excluded from this Agreement, (ii) the balance of the Agreement shall be interpreted as if such provision were so excluded and (iii) the balance of the Agreement shall be enforceable in accordance with its terms.
11.6 Counterparts.  This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which together will constitute one and the same instrument.

The parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.

That Loving Space Privacy Policy



I Get It, Life Happens

I really want to support improved wellness for all employees. Canceling appointments in the appropriate manner allows for unused time slots to be available for fellow employees serious about their wellbeing.

What is a no-show fee?

That Loving Space has a "No Show" policy that counts against their remaining eight(8) sessions. Clients who cancel their appointments at least 24 hours in advance will be allowed to reschedule. This policy is to improve accessibility to services for bold clients ready and willing to transform their workplace experience.

What counts as a "no show/late cancellation"?

A no-show or late cancellation is considered to be any scheduled appointment where the employee:

  • Does not show up for their appointment at the agreed upon scheduled time; or

  • Cancels less than 24 hours prior to their appointment; or

  • Cancels the day of and/or is a late cancel during their scheduled appointment, barring emergencies or extenuating circumstances.

What if I feel like I was unfairly charged and I want to appeal the fee?

I completely understand, life happens. On rare occasions, extenuating circumstances arise that prevent you from rescheduling or canceling ahead of time. If this is ever the case, please contact me at 704-412-1791, and keep me apprised of your situation.

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment to avoid losing that session?

Rescheduling or cancelling your appointment by contacting That Loving Space at least 24 hours before your appointment. This can be done by:

  • Calling and leaving a message at 704-412-1791

  • Asking to reschedule or cancel via email or text at 704-412-1791

That Loving Space reserves the right to not charge against remaining sessions for any first occurrence.


How To Begin

It goes without saying that I’d love to get started by having you on-board as a valued customer. As with everything in life, I like to make things as simple as possible.

Taking The Next Step

Sign Your Agreement

Before we get started, I need you to sign the proposal acknowledging that you agree with my Workplace Wellness Program. Simply enter your info below and click ‘Sign Proposal’. Upon signing, you will be redirected to schedule a meet to further discuss the nature our partnership and fee schedule.

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