MODULE 1 - What Is Intuition?

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate


Inspiration For This Course

Every conscious awakening, energetic shift, or spiritual rebirth is wholly unique to each being. Very much like the fingerprints we all possess. This so-called shift in conscious awareness may express itself simply in the ability to pick up another person’s vibe. It may manifest as a subtle warm and caring voice whispering in your ear, mind, or heart-space. A feeling deep in your gut guiding you away from experiences not in service of your highest good; sometimes uncomfortably.

Whatever the manner in which this shift expresses itself through you, know it is a call to a very meaningful journey. The kind that will liberate you from the trials of unconscious human existence to human expansion - an adventure in conscious creation.

It may be the activation of their Third Eye for some. In an array of visual imagery full of colors, speckles of glimmering light, lucid dreams, or even movie-like scenes streaming their mind’s eye. For others, it’s the ability to perceive geometric shapes, revealing unseen knowledge into the natural order of this holographic reality. As more humans within the collective begin to awaken, it is increasingly vital that we, the initiated, serve in providing the necessary guidance and support as willing mentors, guides, and intuitively oriented coaches.

For many budding intuitives, if you will, one fundamental yet elusive truth remains. How does one transition from the construct, conditioning, and programming what once governed all we know to faithfully living intuitively? For me, it was a path of intensive inner work, healing generational wounds, transformational shifts in paradigm, and going through a spiritual awakening, unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

The culmination of which inspired the development of this course to help guide you through a very exciting time in human evolution.

So Why You?

Not everyone initially welcomes the early stages of their awakening into paranormal or metaphysical experiences with open arms. For many, the process is not always met with acceptance and ease. More often than not, they’re unexpectedly thrusted into awakening.

I’ve literally been asked, “Why me?” “What if I don’t want these abilities?” “What if I don't want to see what’s behind the veil?” The struggle is real, and without an understanding as to what’s going on, it holds the potential to drive some into isolation or even depression. Then there are those of whom the shift is so abrupt and sudden they feel they’ve gone insane. It has been known to happen. Just saying.

This is where I’ve been blessed in the highest calling of divine service. Serving humanity as a highly gifted professional intuitive - clairvoyant, psychic medium, and medical intuitive - who’s also been called to develop a practice in Emotional Wellness Coaching. With an ability to guide budding intuitive folks such as yourself through any subclinical challenge. I’ve also been gifted with a unique ability to perceive the intuitive gifts of others. In other words, I am able to sense your unique superpowers, and support you in realizing them. Pretty wild, huh?

Uncovering Your Intuitive Abilities

Remember that questionnaire you completed online? Those questions correspond to the scoring method found in this Living Intuitively coaching program. What you’ll do is add up the points for each row listed. The row starting with the highest points will reveal the chakra and source of your strongest intuitive focus. The next strongest will be the supporting abilities that round out you as an intuitive person.

Table 1 - Intuitive Gift Order

Table 1 - Intuitive Gift Order

My Intention

This course is simply so that you don’t have to go through conscious awakening alone. Plain and simple. So that you may find and develop your flow with inner guidance with ease and success in both life and business.

What This Course Is Not

In no way shape or form is the information contained herein intended to be a platform for becoming a professional intuitive, psychic, medium, etc. The concepts, opinions, and information offered in this course are merely intended to guide and support you in gaining greater access to your own inner guidance. Which by the way, is merely channeled through you from Source Energy Field.

Also, for simplicity, I have chosen not to include citations or historical data into these teachings. It is intentional and for the simple fact that I wish to keep the focus on YOUR experience. Yes, validation from cited teachings is great and all, but this is about where you are, here and now. However, if you wish to explore fact-based spiritual science, I invite to review and study Gnostic teachings - Really great stuff!

There you will learn Gnosis as “...the practical, fact-based knowledge of consciousness that guides us to our full potential and innate happiness.”


IN∙TU∙I∙TION - Is the ability to see, feel, sense, or understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Abilities, What Abilities?

What I want for you is to evoke inner curiosity and help raise your awareness to innate abilities yet explored. By now, you may have heard of something very similar to the following quote, "We are spiritual beings living a human experience." I truly believe this is the case for our existence. You may also recognize that we are all intuitive beings of flesh, sinew, with a very powerful life force. This life force comes from the essence of all that was, is, and forever will be as the soul of our very being.

The part of us that is both an individual expression of the ever creative Source Field Energy, the reason, as you will come to learn, for what allows us to be in constant communion with all that is. What am I referring to? Others refer to this Source energy or God, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Universal Energy, and so on. However you define that which is both the Alpha and Omega of all that was, is, and forever will be, this is that energetic force to which I am referring.

Common Forms of Intuition

There several means by which inner guidance expresses themselves through us. We are all gifted in some form or fashion, and some may even experience multiple activations simultaneously. They are generalized as archetypes and simplified definitions of intuition. There may also be a direct correlation between our five physical senses and the five known intuitive types. Clair, meaning clear in French is the nomenclature by which the five types of intuition are named.

Later in the next module, I will cover the associating Chakras or the physical energy centers (vortices) of the body that correlate to the following, more commonly, known forms of intuition. Then bring it all together in easy to digest concepts practical concepts.

The most common forms of “clair-intuition” as I refer to them are as follows.

  • Clairvoyance (clear seeing, or intuitive vision) - Otherwise known as the ability to see the unseen with the third-eye, or the mind’s eye. In reality, is it an extension to our creative imagination for the purposes of receiving non-physical visual information. My experience is more like a 360-degree view of physically imperceivable images and visual emanations of someone’s past, present, and potential future occurrences.

  • Clairaudience (clear hearing, or intuitive hearing) - An ability to hear spoken words in a non-physical manner. This one is quite interesting in how it expresses itself from person to person. For many, words are heard in their inner ear. Typically the right ear. For others, words can be heard within the mind, and like many feel they’re going mad inside. And yet for some, words divinely spoken feel as though they are can be heard from their heart space. Which is how I hear Spirit speaking through me.

  • Clairsentience or Clariempath (clear sensing or intuitive sensing; also know as an empath) - A very common extra-sensory response felt by many people. An ability to physically sense the energetic state of other, or their emotions. It is also an ability to retrieve energetic information from personal possessions, animals, houses, public buildings, and outdoor spaces. In me, it expresses itself as a sensation of being able to receive energetic information from anyone, any space, and all living beings as sensations in my physical, emotional, and subtle energetic bodies.

  • Clairtangency (clear touching, or intuitive psychometry) - An ability to sense energetic information from all people, places, things by physical touch. The word 'psychometry' literally means 'measuring the soul', and was coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. This ability is more subtle in nature and often requires attuning the mind-body connection.

  • Claircognizance (clear knowing, or intuitive knowing) - A knowing deep within you logical beyond explanation as to its source. Among the more doubted abilities due to it involving the intuitive extension to our physical five senses detailed in this list. An example would be simply knowing to turn left instead of right allowing for a quick route to your destination. It can also reveal itself as pausing at a traffic light after turning green, avoiding an unforeseen traffic accident.

  • Clairgustance (clear tasting or intuitive tasting; sometimes called clairambience) - An ability to perceive the essence of a substance through taste. Tasting flavors of substances not in your mouth in association with taste buds. Such as tasting the essence of chocolate when none exists in my immediate observable reality. My experience typically involves tasting the metallic bitterness of medication saturating someone’s physical body. Or the acidity of their physical chemistry such as the pH of their blood.

  • Clairalience (clear smelling or intuitive smelling; sometimes clairscent) - The extrasensory ability to intuitively receive olfactory impressions through the sense of smell. For example, clients have shared smelling flowers or cigarette smoke when sensing the presence of non-physical beings nearby.

*There are other forms of extrasensory abilities like medical intuition, medical mediumship, psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, psychic surgery, psychometry, etc., and many more.

Psychics and Mediums

There are differences between the two more common intuitive types which are distinct and relevant only to their abilities. As a medium, medical intuitive, and a combination of several of the Clair’s listed above, much of the work I do almost always involves receiving information relative to past, present, and future. As well as non-physical information from beyond this realm. I have the ability to receive information from non-corporeal entities - those who have passed on, multi-transdimensional beings, timelines, etc.

What I will not do, nor have tried is to channel non-corporeal beings through my physical experience. Icky. Psychics, on the other hand, are more or less like highly gifted intuitive practitioners. Below is an explanation I found on Oprah’s site. There is plenty of information on the web about this.

*Please save all questions you may have on the subject for our next session. Thanks.

The difference between Psychic and Mediums

The difference between a psychic and a medium and why the distinction between them is very important. Whether one refers to him/her-self as a psychic medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium or any other title that includes medium, is essentially to emphasize having the ability communicate with timelines, spirits or beings in other dimensions of existence. While I refer to myself as a "psychic medium," there is a big difference between a psychic and a medium.

A psychic isn't necessarily a medium, but mediums are also psychics. This is an important distinction and a good place to start because I meet clients all the time who misunderstand the difference and confuse the two. Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present, and future. Simply put, psychics rely on their sense(s) of intuition abilities to gather information for the person being read.

Mediums take it a step further. A medium uses his or her psychic - intuitive - abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the energetic information from other dimensions of reality or timelines.

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