Clarifying what’s Important To You

What Are Values?

They’re Like our Inner Compass

Personally chosen principles or standards of behavior that align with your innermost self. They are supporting beliefs that guide or drive attitudes and behaviors. And help us determine what is most important.

What Makes Them Important?

  • With all the demands of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

  • Our actions can be driven by our immediate feelings (e.g., irritability) or old habits (e.g., procrastinating, anxiety).

  • Values serve as a guide to help us know what to do instead of emotionally reacting.

  • Once identified, values can help you set goals and choose continuous actions that support them.

  • You can’t easily control how to respond at any moment and choose behaviors that support your values.

  • Values dignify the normal discomfort of life and inspire commitment even when things feel hard.

*Want to explore your values in greater depth? Invite this topic during our next coaching session.

Value Realms

The Different Realms Of Life

You are being invited to begin identifying values in the different areas of your life. For example:

  • Family, Friendships, Relationships

  • Community, Spirituality, Fun and Leisure

  • Career, Life/Work Balance

Within these domains, it is helpful to identify words and phrases that capture who you want to be or behave. Examples:

  • Adventurous, Open, Curious, Hardworking

  • Steady, Strong, Empathic, Loving

  • Caring, Passionate, Focused, Friendly

  • Fun-loving, Humorous, Energetic, Persistent

  • Engaged, Thoughtful, Collaborative, Calm


“I want to be a team player.”
“I value helping others, taking good care of my health, and having a great time.”
“I want to keep my family in mind in whatever I do.”
“I want to engage the world with curiosity and openness.”
“I want to make the most of every day.”

Things To Understand

Values and goals

Values are not goals. You can’t achieve or obtain them. Values are chosen life directions; goals is what we wish to attain as we move in that direction.

Choosing your values

You decide how you want to be or behave on an ongoing basis. It’s completely up to you.

Values and feelings

Values are not feelings. You may not feel courageous all the time, but you can act courageously whenever you choose.

The values yardstick

How do you know if a value works for you? Ask yourself if it brings continuity and purpose to your life – even when things are uncomfortable or stressful.