MODULE 5 - Universal Inventory

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate

No, Not Your Fancy Inventory Of Stuff

Let us say you’ve been away from your home for a day or more. Upon returning it feels off. You’re not quite sure what’s off about it, but you sense it is not as you left it.

And it begins…

Yeah, this module is very much based on something like that. Instead of taking an energetic inventory of our external world, we are going to take inventory of our internal world first. This is the point in your intuitive development where we go deeper into more experiential exercises and practices. This is what you will explore and practice, based on your style of inner guidance.

  1. Taking an inventory of self.

  2. Tapping into your inner and outer world.

  3. Discerning what energy is yours and what is not.

Performing an inventory of self will help to raise your awareness of all that is going on within and outside your being. For things such as feelings, emotions, physical and mental states of being, etc. Discerning what is yours, and what is not, noticing it without judgment or attachment. Then simply letting go.

Not easy, but very doable with practice and awareness. It not only improves your accuracy through heightened discernment, it also develops the invaluable skill of mindful awareness. The idea is to become so attuned with yourself and everything around you, that you are more easily able to access inner guidance at will.

Nerd Alert

Information is not only stored in the mind, it is also stored in the body. There is equally as much wisdom below the neck as there is above, if not more. Did you know the body stores experiences of physical traumatic whereas the mind archives those same experiences in the form of memories? You see, a memory is a collection of various pieces of information that comprise the five basic senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

This explains why certain smells and tastes can evoke memories in such a visceral way. Add in touch and now our mind cannot distinguish between that memory and reality.

ALERT - A heaping pile of foreshadowing was just served. More on this in the Bonus Module.

Hence the advantages of discernment in developing our inner guidance. Physical trauma is stored in the body wherever the trauma occurred. Raising our awareness to any stored trauma can be vital in discerning what’s ours from someone or something else.

Help-full tips

Being authentically honest with yourself really does work in improving the accuracy of universal inventory. It prevents misinterpreting what you’re tapping into when receiving intuitive information.

A Formula That Works

These steps to be vital in developing your unique recipe of magical discernment and accuracy with your inner guidance, no matter the situation.

  1. Connecting with my entire being.

  2. Noticing to what’s mine (without judgment or criticism).

  3. Allowing myself to be authentic in what I sense and feel.

  4. Trusting what’s mine and what isn’t.

  5. Sharing what I’ve received (example - journal, speaking, naming, articulating).

Solo Practice

The ‘How To’ In Performing Inner Inventory

First, let’s begin with a slow, cleansing deep breath. Remember, it always begins and ends with breath. Get comfortable and begin to sense what’s there. It’s always a great idea to tap into your body and ask the following questions.

  • “What here is mine?”

  • “What sensations, aches, or pains am I noticing?”

  • “What feelings am I carrying?”

  • “What’s focus of my mindset at in this moment?”

  • “What else is there?”

Play Time

Exercises or Practices

Time to play in the wild! Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Is to tap in to unfamiliar spaces, family members and friends, or while in public. Yikes! It’s about to get real!

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