Ty's Story

Hi, my name is Ty Ryan and story goes like this - I was raised in a broken home without any positive male role model until my teenage years, life was pretty unclear on how to be a man. By the time I'd finally decided to create a life for myself, the career of choice, at the time, was one in information technology. Working along side some of the most brilliant engineers in fortune 500 companies was always a very humbling experience. What sets me apart from all others was i was completely self-taught, no formal higher education in computer sciences. How does one celebrate such accomplishments and keep both feet on the ground? 

Well, my journey in coaching and healing arts began during a very pivotal point in life when I had accepted the illusion of powerlessness. My marriage, my health, and even my sense of self were all in a failing state. Why? Because I was not fully showing up in life. I was still living to meet perceived obligations that no longer aligned with truths I had chosen to ignore.

While in this dark space, and in a poor state of health and spiritually bankrupt, my "Love bank" was in the red. At the time, blame seemed to only temporarily pacified self-loathing, making it trivially easier to cope than showing up. I blamed everyone for my perceived poor state of affairs.

Then something happened, a shift occurred. The following words, which served as the catalyst “The gap between our sincere values and our actual behavior is the source of all self-hatred.” Finally it clicked…. I was not living authentically, I was not honoring my own humanity! 

It took several years of real effort and dedication in order to find healing. It even took me unwittingly repeating the same choices yet again one last time before realizing that a real fundamental change needed to take place. That’s when my life’s journey actually revealed itself and that is when I began to answer the call for being of service.

However, I had to ask myself the following, "When will I be ready to become the best version of my Whole Self?" This is what inspired me down the path for of being in service as a Transformation Coach and Intuitive Guide. One that ultimately landed me in supporting all who seeking a loving space from which to transform their now and create forward motion towards a fulfilling life.