MODULE 8 - The ‘How’ In Asking

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate

Learning To Ask

This module is one of my favorites because once upon a time believed I could figure it out all on my own. Sometimes, we can make thoughts the de facto to what we know. In this module, we’ll explore the value in relying on that which is unknown.

Sole Reliance

For our all of magnificent intelligence, smarts, and wisdom the knowledge that lives in our mind pales in contrast to the vast wisdom of all that was, is, and is yet to become. As you continue on your journey in developing intuition and inner guidance, know this, access to real knowing is something we cannot do alone. By now you’ve come to understand there is something much greater at work. A prevailing force with its hand in all aspects of our living experience conspiring on our behalf.

Alone, we can be mighty. Alone, we can explore the wonders of our inner and outer worlds. We were not created, however, to discover the healing power of our expansion alone.
— That Loving Space

Beyond Self

As a medium, it’s taken me some time to truly understand the beauty, and power, in surrendering to this unknown as my superpower. The level of trust required has been transmuted into a reliance I cannot ever see my life without. Feeling more alone and lost when disconnected from my celestial Source, and the Universe around me.

When accessing intuitive information the more I surrender by asking the clearer messages become. Often the responses are immediate, and other times it’s like the gentle simmer of a deliciously aromatic chilly cooking in the kitchen. Allowing space for the answer to reveal itself is but a part of this process. Understanding that our physical world is yet another medium through which Source communes with us. That is to say through songs, people, movies, experiences our Universe communicates to us. Delivering messages and tidbits of wisdom to questions we’ve asked and have not asked.

The “How”

This is literally the easiest aspect of accessing wisdom but had I led with what I’m about to share it may have lost its intended impact. It simply begins with asking and then allowing. That is all. Allow yourself to envision the following metaphor presented in your vision.

Imagine, a child asks their parent a question, but instead of allowing for the pondering parent to respond the child impatiently walks away. As a sacred being, all that is asked of us is to simply allow for the response to naturally and organically appear, physically in our living experience, or intuitively. Because greater wisdom is channeled through us, it necessarily doesn’t emerge directly from beyond our own wisdom.

So next time you’re tapping into the greater unknown seeking guidance, simply ask and allow the answer to be channeled through your amazing superpowers, and your living experience. Looking forward to our next session together!

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