MODULE 4 - A Space Of Practice

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate

Spaces And Places

In my journey of self-discovery and awareness, I have found that having a dedicated space - a sacred place for calling in inner guidance - was an essential component in developing my intuition. Since then, several insights have sprung into greater awareness about what this space mean to us. When calling in that inner guidance, the space in which we do so becomes sanctified, or consecrated. Be it your office, bedroom, bathroom; heck even your car will begin to resonate at the same vibrational frequency every time you commune with that inner divine energy.

Have you ever walked into a space that feels grounded, warm and cozy? That’s because the energy filling that space has been repeatedly blessed by those occupying it. Loving vibes abides in that space. Merely smudging and burning incense won’t shift anything if it has not been intentionally and energetically harmonized! Going through the motions won’t do much at all if your heart's not in it.

Making It Your Own

We are as unique as drops in the ocean. That is to say, for as unique as you are, we are in the end, one. Our uniqueness is really what differentiates us from one another, but in the end we’re made up of the same elements and biology. Where we practice, in my opinion, is equally as important as what we practice.

Feeling safe to explore and embody what we believe charges that space with all we need to transcend beyond in our current now experience. For example, I happen to absolutely love my bed, patio, and car as places of stillness and insight. Sometimes even my walk-in closet or going for a walk in nature. I have even noticed the energy in places where others gather for connection and development seems to have this charged vibe to it. Having a space to make your own for developing greater access to inner guidance helps to support routines and practices with confidence.

It is this sense of confidence that allows me to “Turn it on” at will and tap into my inner guidance whenever I choose, most of the time. I say most of the time because I have made the conscious decision to not always be “On.” First, it can be quite overwhelming depending on the environment, and secondly, it can be an ethically invasive to the natural privacy of those around you. More on the ethics of intuition in later modules.

Your Spaces And Places

Whether you realize it or not, we all have quiet spots to seek refuge from daily life. Take a few moments to contemplate on the spaces and places you’ve used to get away, find stillness, or otherwise escape. Then answer the questions below.

Play Time

Exercises or Practices

Go into or focus on any of your spaces and tap into it. Remember, without judgment or criticism.

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