Practical Mindfulness You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Review the list of mindfulness practices below, and select the ones you want to intentionally practice without judgment until our next session. Use this worksheet to as a guide to journal what you’ve practiced since our last session.

Observing Nearby Sights

  • Look around and notice what you see. Notice elements, colors, shapes, objects, etc.

  • While driving, notice what you see. Pick a color and note how many times you see it.

  • Pick up an object and observe as though you’ve never seen it before.

  • Other:

Observing Nearby Sounds

  • Notice the sounds around you. Close your eyes if necessary.

  • Play music and tune into specific sounds. Try to notice each instrument.

  • When someone is talking, pay close attention to the sound of their voice.

  • Other:

Observing Smells and Tastes

  • Open a bottle of a lightly a scented candle, food, or item, and take in the smell.

  • Mindfully notice all the smells and tastes of a meal.

  • Slowly drink a cup of coffee or tea, taking in the aroma, savoring the flavor.

  • Other:

Observing Your Urges

  • Notice urges to quit a task out of frustration or boredom.

  • Notice urges to daydream when you’re working on a task. Bring yourself back.

  • Notice urges listening to respond. Notice urges of reacting to a text or an email without considering your words.

  • Other:

Observing Your Thoughts

  • Notice your thoughts as they show up in your mind. Just observe them nonjudgmentally.

  • Imagine sorting your thoughts into buckets: worry thoughts, happy thoughts, stress thoughts.

  • Imagine your thoughts like clouds in the sky passing by. Notice them without grasping or pushing away.

  • Other:

Play Time


Complete the form below before our next session.

Think of moments you practiced mindfulness.

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