Develop A Practice Of Mindful Breathing

You can also record this exercise, softly speaking into your phone or another device and listen to it as you follow along.

Mindful Breathing

This kind of diaphragmatic breathing is quite different from the breathing we do normally. We often breathe high up in our chests. This makes our breath more shallow and increases our stress response instead.

  1. Close your eyes and settle a comfy position. Now turn your attention to the way your breath flows through your nostrils, into your chest, and into your abdomen. Notice how your abdomen fills up with air and then empties again.

  2. Place your right hand on your belly, below your rib cage, and left hand on your chest. See if you can breathe into the hand on your belly, making it rise and fall as you inhale and exhale – sort of like you were blowing up a balloon. See if you can keep the hand on your chest from moving as much as possible.

  3. As you continue to breathe, simply notice the sensations in your body. Notice what it’s like for the air to flow in and out. See if you can extend your breathing just a little bit more deeply than before... Continue like this for the next few minutes or until you decide to return back to your normal rhythm.

  4. Once you feel comfortable with this kind of breathing, bring your attention to the Chakras identified as your strongest focus of intuition. Only notice what comes up without judgment. Simply observe and breathe.

  5. This is not about perfection. It’s about practicing a new skill mindful breathing access to inner guidance. You can practice this exercise during any moment of stillness.