Raising Your Global Awareness

What is Mindful Awareness?

Mindful awareness, or mindfulness, means intentional 360ᴼ moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, energy, and the surrounding environment without judgment.

What makes mindful awareness important?

  • We most often live and breath on autopilot.

  • Our actions can are frequently motivated by our immediate emotions (e.g., irritability) and old habits (e.g., anxiety).

  • We may not recognize how our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior influence our lives.

  • Mindful awareness is like watching every now moment play out in slow motion. You begin to notice patterns and behaviors you weren’t aware of before. From there, you can make new choices.

  • It helps us helps us experience life more fully. Both the good times and uncomfortable moments.

Mindfulness Exercises

You are being invited to begin identifying values in the different areas of your life. For example:

  1. Noticing Your Breath - Simply close your eyes and notice your breath, in and out.

  2. Notice Your Five Senses - Move through physical sense slowly, one at a time; noticing sight, sound,
    smell, taste, and touch.

  3. Observing Your Mind - Begin observing the thoughts of your mind like watching a movie. Notice what comes up: thoughts, images, words, sounds, memories.

  4. Notice Sensations and Feelings - Take notice of the sensations in your body. Gently observe them without trying to change them.

Informal Mindfulness Exercises

You can cultivate mindful awareness during any activity

  • Having sex, Washing dishes, Friendly conversations

  • In meetings, Doing yoga, Eating dessert

  • Time in nature, QT with your partner, QT with your child

  • Taking a shower, Cooking dinner, Vacuuming

  • Family dinner, Walking your dog, While jogging, Driving

Just pay attention to your five senses and the sensations in you that pull your mind away from the present experience.

Things To Understand

Values vs Relaxation - It is easy to become relaxed when practicing mindfulness but it is not the goal. Mindfulness is a pleasant byproduct.

Getting Distracted - Your mind will frequently draw your attention to the thoughts within. It’s totally okay. Simply notice and bring your attention to the present moment.

Daily Practice - Consider practicing during any activity or moment when you notice yourself in autopilot.

It’s A Journey - Mindfulness is not a destination - it’s an ongoing practice. It’s not a skill you develop to perfection. It’s a lifelong practice of present-moment awareness.