MODULE 7 - Lost In Translation

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate

The Misinterpretation If Interpreting

Our mind has very clever ways of filling in the gaps - assumptions based on limited information - in our thoughts, perceptions, and intuitive impressions. That because it is trying to make sense of the information it receives on a regular basis.

Regardless of when or what information is about, our inner guidance system has access to information that’s usually from beyond our now experience. Similar to a photographer capturing glimpses of moments. As detailed in “Module 1 - What Is Intuition?”, our intuitive abilities are non-physical extensions to our physical senses. As awakened beings, one can say we actually possess more like 12 or more senses versus the so-called mainstream sixth sense.

It’s Not Always About You

Much like photography or art, there seems to be something missing from the beauty being captured. For all the richness in depth and dimension, the perceptions received by our intuitive impressions are void of something not easily perceivable. There’s something very vital that brings it all together, and is context. The circumstances and conditions that form the insights we intuit do not always include the essence of the story behind the actual story. Rarely do we receive the whole story regardless of the feelings, emotions, or sensations we perceive.

The etheric information we are blessed to perceive seems to be charged with the energy of that moment of time. That being the case, who are we to interpret information that is not about us? Besides, intuiting is draining enough without also having to interpret information that’s not ours to interpret in the first place. Remember, we are conduits of Source Field Energy with the ability to receive information beyond this three-dimensional plane of existence. Only interpret information that is about your experience, and yours alone! It’s about guidance into the unknown.

The Point Is…

The sooner we release any attachment to the illusion that intuition is always about you, the sooner we free ourselves from the burden of it’s interpretation. Even when receiving information relative to my own life, I make it a point to not allow any attachment to it until context is revealed through awareness. Only then will I make mindful choices that serve my greatest good.

If receiving information on someone else, leave the interpretation up to the intended party. When it applies to guidance relative to your own life, I submit that you resist the urge to act immediately, but instead raise your awareness to the queues revealed the moment your inner guidance receives it.

Guidance Intuited, Is Not Always About Me

In my own experiences, the less I interpret, the clearer the intuitive messages. They seem more genuine in nature and less as guessing. In other words, be as literal and symbolic as the messages allows. This helps further instill a sense of trust and credibility in our abilities and encourages empowerment through choice within ourselves and for the receiving party. Trust they will understand, in time, the greater meaning to what was channeled through you.

Play Time

Exercises or Practices

Wait, what? Yep, it’s time. Intuit information on anything you choose in an effort to hone the accuracy of your inner guidance. Remember, the less you interpret the more accurate it will feel. Make the intention a playful development of trust in your intuition and not about being “right.”

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