MODULE 3 - Developing Your Flow

LEVEL - Beginner and Intermediate

Uncovering Your Secret Sauce

Everyone has their way of tapping into inner guidance. Some processes are shared within families, communities, cultures, and societies. Some breathe, others chant, passively or actively meditate (in stillness or light activity - yoga, walking, etc.). Methods for tapping into inner guidance are limited by the bounds of your creativity.

In this module, we’ll explore your process of getting connected and tapped into Spirit, into the Divine. A prelude to the more experiential components of intentionally developing your intuition. Begin playing with what works in your process and what doesn’t. The cool part is I have the ability to share in your experience with you as I merge with you in your process during any of our sessions when practicing under guidance. What this means is I will be able to experience your process as you do in support of further honing your secret sauce. Fun stuff!

For me, it always begins and ends with breath. I begin by taking a couple of deep slow cleansing breaths. Silently breathing in the letters of my full name, slowly and intentionally. This is one way I connect with the essence of my inner higher self as I release everything else. I may even include a simple OM (AUM) - the primordial vibration of the source field energy - quietly to myself. As a way to vibrationally attune my Prana, Chi, Life Force energy. Let’s explore how you do your thing.

Then I call upon mother Gaia (earth) and my higher power to flow through me, up my spine, through each Chakra, and out my crown as I grow ever more aware of each Chakra, igniting them one by one. Giving thanks for all that is and letting go of my ego-self.

Rooted In Your Process

Below is an example of how I ground myself, tap into inner guidance, and let go the attachment to the ego-self, all in one shot! A very powerful experience indeed.

As mentioned earlier, I always begin with breath. In breath, I begin the process. In breath, I end the process. For me, it begins with visualizing roots growing from the base of my spine (root Chakra) or my feet, depending on seating positioning. Allow myself to see them in my Mind’s Eye burrowing deep beyond mother Gaia’s crust. I don’t stop there, of course. Continuing to push deeper until I reach her warm powerful core.

Once there, I feel the warmth as I draw this energy up my roots and through every single Chakra until I’ve activated them one by one. Once my crown Chakra has become activated, I then draw heavenly energy down from the higher realms. Surrendering to both heaven and earth as I let go of ego-self. I am nothing more than a conduit at this point. Holding nothing, keeping nothing. My heart Chakra is the portal and love as my guide.

This only takes maybe thirty seconds or so. However long it takes you matters not. My crown is buzzing, my hands and feet are warm, and I can feel the energy coursing through me. That’s it, and I’m now ready to begin working to serve a higher purpose.

What’s There To Protect?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone speak to their need for protection, I’d be retired somewhere tropical. Want to know my take on the idea of needing to protect oneself from undesirable energies?

Well, how do we “protect” ourselves from crap energy swirling around us while remaining open to universal energy? Easy, we release the illusion of attack. Allow me to explain with some divine logic. The concept of protection is a fear-based thought-form inferring attack. However, if you existed in a dimension of pure Love, or benevolence. Then, would there be any risk of attack in a state of pure bliss?


The reality is, even in this reality of duality, attack is possible. And so is freedom from the fear of attack. Danger exists while in dangerous conditions. Makes you rethink things, right?!?! Just food for thought.

Instead, fill yourself with loving light-filled energy of gratitude and appreciation for the good in that very moment. Then bring your focus to radiating that energy outwards from your being. Similar to turning on the lights in a dark space. 😉

Play Time


Try it, make it a point to focus your attention on the sensations in your body as you play. The moment you feel yourself mentally analyzing, return to your breath. It is vital to practice observing without judgment or criticism, no matter what comes up.

  1. Find a quiet space.

  2. Simply breathe, mindfully and intentionally.

  3. If you begin to feel distracted, return to your breath.

  4. Connect with your body and creative mind. Not your thoughts.

*Remember, to first tap into your breath and sense what’s there without judgment or criticism.

Exercises or Practices

Focus on anything – a song, person, place or thing – that appeared frequently in the past week.

*After completing the form below, repeat the process on your own - with different people, places or things you’ve noticed - until comfortable with with the process.

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