Standing Fully In My Mystical

In the not so distant past I officially, not so officially, came out as a highly sensitive professional intuitive, mystic, psychic, or whatever strikes your fancy. Meaning, someone who exchanges services of the alternative or esoteric nature for currency.

When networking and hobnobbing about, I find the same question being asked time and time again. So, what is your style or thang in the "arts?" To which I have always found particularly unsure how to answer. I mean, I get it. Many in this community/industry have discovered, found, landed, or otherwise learned through another certain modalities by which to access guidance, insights, perceptions from beyond this realm.

What about those of us who are so fucking wide open, there isn't any one "thing" that identifies us? For I am still exploring and discovering new abilities, gifts, superpowers with every evolution and have yet to master any of them but finding that I am pretty freaking gifted. I’m mean freakishly gifted. The more modalities I learn exist, the more I learn about myself as a highly sensitive being capable of so much more than I humanly realize. And I'm not the only one out there either. I am blessed to find more and more like me in the wild all the time.

If being a lightworker, psychic, medium, astrologist, witch, channeler, shaman, clair anything, or energy worker is considered to be somewhat out there. Then where does that leave folks like me? Because I don't claim to be any one thing, nor do I identify with any one thing. However, it is quite an empowering and somewhat isolating feeling to know that I possess abilities from every modality I encounter, and then some. What does that make me? I often feel displaced, stranded in this realm and left to my own devices as I continue to learn the intricacies of human.

It is ever more evident to me that humanity really is in the midst of a powerful evolutionary shift. One unlike any in the history of our species from what I have been blessed to channel lately. More and more of us are becoming Woke AF. This is no coincidence people!

So, to all you budding highly sensitive gifted ones I say... Embrace your unique multipotential mystical self, and develop, grow, and enhance ALL your abilities and freakish new gifts. For the world IS ready and the time is NOW to own your unique form of mutations.

Let us show the universe we too are a worthy part of the intergalactic collective and not just a society of primal savages trapped in smallness and meaningless trivial squabbles over power, separation, and fear. Let us show them all our capacity for unbound creativity and limitless potential in transcendence.