Loving floss

Welcoming healing into my heart revealed all the emotional plaque comfortably resting, feeding on the sweetness of my pearly Spirit. A plaque decaying beauty brought about in Love's sweetness.

Lower self embarrassed and shamed by this plaque, retreating in tantrums of self defeating cries for acceptance and understanding. This plaque often tarnishing this pearly Spirit with illusions of pain and false promises of cavity laden relationships.

Then, in a rushing wave Spirit began warmly and subtly rinsing away prayer by prayer and in moments of invited stillness years of accumulated plaque filled wounds. Spirit's accepting benevolent Love placing before this Soul's desperate out reach from behind plaque's dank darkness with warriors of Love. To guide and support in this fight.

Now armed i fight, i work. Feeling more of my pearly Spirit's brilliance shining through, emotional plaque recedes. Shrinking, slinking away with greater ease in every Love fortified flossing stroke. Much work remains. This plaque is cunning and illusive. Empowered with renewed inner spunk backed by the fervor of Spirit's plaque fighting rinse my Higher Self, my Soul smiles ever brighter.