Letting go, medicine for your soul

We all do it. Creating ideas we attach to and cling onto for dear life. Ideas that are not based on any facts, evidence, guidance, or reality. What am I referring to boys and girls? UNFOUNDED EXPECTATIONS! That's right. Made up shit in our minds based on valid desires backed by zero evidence or guidance.

Our mind is a very powerful computational tool that's great at filling in the gaps when it's convenient. In other words, input solid evidential or guided information and it will make you seem like a genius. Feed it assumptions and you could end up feeling like an ass and homeless.

This is why clear information is so vital! No matter the Source 😉. See what I did there? LoL!

The Breakdown

When we build up a story that is incongruent with the reality that's right front of us it can lead us to a very uncomfortable place. As you may know I left IT over a year ago to follow my passion as a badass certified professional life coach. Well, suffice it to say I'm back in IT. Not for any lack of skill or talent, but simply because I did not have sufficient information on how to grow a business. As a creative and nerd, I learned the hard way that talent and skill are only parts of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Man, did I resist going back into IT. Prideful and dumb. Here's the thing, I'm good at it too. I've not given up on my dream to serve humanity as the badass coach I know myself to be. I'm merely having to let go of an idea that almost drove me to homelessness and losing the loves of my life. Almost. Avery scary place to be. Pheww! By the grace of all that is sacred I chose to let go of this idea and begin taking corrective action. There is still much healing work to do though.

The Breakthrough 

I'm sharing my story to empower anyone currently ATTACHED to false ideas, stories, or expectations. Attachments are a interesting lot because they're often based on valid emotions and feelings. As valid as our feelings may be, they rarely based on evidence. Instead, they tend to be based on perceptions, old programming, and uninformed optimism that can get in the way of our greatness.


There are two very valuable lessons I've come to learn. First, opportunity and timing are keys to any endeavor. Perseverance and drive are icing on the cake. And the sprinkles? Well that's where talent and skill top it off. I learned a very valuable lesson in leaping on blind faith or uninformed optimism, really false attachments. The road to righting this ship I call life has certainly been a painful one and invaluable.

Second, if there's any chance my mission jeopardizes any sense of stability, security, and the ones I love, I must re-assess and strategize differently. No endeavor is ever more important than solid ground. Uncomfortable is ok but NOT at the expense of what's most important to me.

I had to let go of my shit about me and my dream to heal the mess I've made. I forgive myself and at least I can proudly say "I went for it." Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

Go Joe! LoL!!!!