Laws of Abundance - lessons learned

Into Awareness

There was a time when I truly believed that I was at the mercy of my circumstances. The world felt like it was conspiring against me and at the very least, collecting on past-due karma. It wasn't until I decided that enough was enough and I made the choice to begin living in higher states of mindful awareness.

That’s when living according to me began and my newfound awareness of contrast jolted me into a love/hate relationship with personal growth. Afterwhich, something very peculiar began to happen, things like “Manifest your dreams”, “Raise your vibration”, “The Secret”, “The Law of Attraction”, “Universal laws”, and more became part of my awareness. This article is my story little known insights that bring it all together in creating abundance.

This included hearing things like “Life does not happen to us, it happens for us.” “WTF does that even mean?” I would think to myself in perplexed frustration. This lead to reluctantly embracing the idea of receiving support in developing my intuitive abilities, psychotherapy, coaching, and consuming many personal development books and audios.

Then, in a spark of absolute clarity one early morning while in a state of twilight that life wasn’t working against me necessarily, but instead it was presenting me with experiences that were a vibrational match to my current state of being. It was me all along that was authoring the conditions that allowed my experiences. “Ooohhh… I get it. So, how do I reverse this cluster f* of crap swirling all around me?” How do I get life to begin reflecting the things I do want

Oh Snap

It wasn’t long before I figured out that Life only acknowledges the prevailing mindset and meanings I assign the stories in my mind and my heart. So if my recurring focus was on the perception of insurmountable debt, then life would support me in co-creating more experiences of debt. It then becomes all I see. The other realization in my understanding of contrast was that life does not seem to acknowledge the words “Do not” and “Don’t.”

Oh, and the word “Want” is a play on words by life, literally speaking. You see, to include the word “Want” in any request is to say “Keep me in this state of wanting.” For example, “I want a fully electric cobalt blue car with saddle brown leather interior.” I will always be kept waiting for that sweet ride. 

Here’s something else I’ve learned along the way with these subtle laws of abundance. Life, the Universe at large, is by all accounts neutral. It has no agenda either way. This is was a very sobering realization. It’s more than a just a hologram, it has revealed to me in a moment of “Oh snap” clarity while meditating one sunny afternoon.

This profound insight has forever shifted my perception of good and evil. There is no such thing. There are Love and the absence of it, light and the absence of it, heat and the absence of it. So on and so forth. I recently learned the subjective meaning we assign to experiences as good and evil are the best we can make sense of contrast. Gosh, we can be so primitive in our awareness.

Experiences Brought to Life

“Life is not concerned with the details of a person, place, or thing, but in the details that experience evokes within us.”

Yeah, chew on that for a moment. Breathe it in and release everything else you “Thought” you knew. It’s not the fear of debt becomes our reality, it's our scarcity relationship with money that is materialized into existence. Wounded men or women don’t just randomly appear as our only option in dating, it is our inner experience of being wounded that attracts them to us. Again, not the thought of misfortune, but of our inner relationship with it that is made manifest. Another way to look at this is a person, place, or thing holds no meaning until we assign it one. Is it starting to make sense now? 

So all this talk about “It all starts with the mind” is true but incomplete. That is merely the tip of the iceberg. As I’ve said in previous articles. Belief is to perception as faith is to trust. Whatever we believe will always be based on perception. Which in turn generates an emotional sensation of faith or knowing, requiring trust. Regardless of what we want or don’t want, we are always in co-creation with life.

Why? Because we assign to all events and their supporting emotional sensations. That is a testament to our incredible power. Whether we realize it or not, we manifest the source of our focus, wanted or unwanted. So if lack and scarcity are the orientation of our belief system, then our experience of such things is called into reality. The contrary is just as true. Hence why the poor remain poor and the rich get richer. Is your mind blown yet? I get chills just writing about this stuff. 

The More I See, The More I See

As I remain steadfast on my journey of courageous growth into ever-expansive awareness, the more I can see the simplistic nature of life. I invite you to consider the following:

From 0 to 8 years of age, we are conditioned, programmed, by what we observe in our environment. This creates our beliefs. From 9 to 40 something, for many of us, ego takes over and reinforces all of our previous programming through experiences. Creating the illusion that our resulting experiences are our only reality. It is not until we are forcefully yanked far enough outside our comfy reality that we realize life is not what we “Thought” it to be. Like a fish becoming aware of water only after being pulled from the water and forced to breathe air. Living in the “Matrix” like breathing air and our conscious awakening the “Red pill.” Like in the movie The Matrix.

It is my “There has to be more to life than this” mentality that fuels this insatiable pursuit of growth to know all I can by feeding and nourishing my ever-expanding conscious awareness. That said, here are five steps to co-creating fulfillment and abundance no matter where you are with life. 

The Real Way to Manifest

"Our Universe has greater access to that which we desire." 

1. Awaken from the Matrix

However you do it, it is paramount you to wake up from the matrix of your current existence. Don’t stop until you can see your programming for what it is. This is not for the faint of heart and is a lifelong journey that will be the most enriching experience of your existence. I dare you to take the “Red pill” and venture into the unknown of your potential and capabilities as an infinitely powerful being. We are the individuation of Universal creativity and fractals of all that is.

For me, it was during the tail-end of a previous marriage that woke me up to some of the patterns that lead me there. The ending of that relationship was the beginning of the rest of my life and I haven’t looked back since. I am grateful for that experience because without it who knows where I’d be. Always here and now with an awareness of where I want to go. Sometimes old programming tries to rear its nasty little head and thankfully I’ve surrounded myself amazing being on the same path of self-exploration and development. They keep it real and support me by helping me to see my blind spots. This takes us to the next step.

2. Birds of a Feather

You become what you read, watch and associate with. Don’t believe me? Look around… In some form, the peeps in your circles of influence share similar stories of limitation, scarcity, and lack as yours. Misery loves company and so movers and shakers. I’ve heard it said to achieve the life of our dreams, befriend and earn the mentorship of those who have achieved the life I want. Getting out there and choose to become open to creating connections with like-minded people is vital to my growth. 

I am the first to admit a tendency to isolate and ass-u-me I can figure things out all on my own. Nothing can be further from the truth. Though we have tremendous access to divine creativity and insight through meditation, the reality is that we exist in a living world. Life will place on our path when those who are a vibrational match to our state of being. 

Wisdom is applied knowledge and who better than someone who has earned the credentials that align with your passion. Open yourself to people on the same or similar path as you and fear not losing those who may fall by the wayside. Love them where they but avoid their resistance to your progress and forward momentum. They will try to anchor you to their low waters.

When they are ready to do the work to heal their shit, welcome them with open arms and resist the need to do for them that which they are capable of doing for themselves. Support them, encourage them, own your shit and be an example for them, and know it is their journey.

3. It All Begins With a Vision

If we can envision it, we can achieve it. Especially, when in co-creative flow with life. Sure, anyone can achieve anything their heart desires with brut force. Why not leverage our greatest resource, life? After moving through all of those uncomfortable breakdowns, breakthroughs and integration of our inner work are when the fruits of your labor will yield the sweet taste of progress. It is on us to become impeccably clear on our desired experiences. While remaining thankful for what is, as we allow life to handle the details.

“What does this mean, Ty?” This means that any person, place or thing we wish to attract, experience it as though it ALREADY IS. Get clear on how every aspect of that experience speaks to you! This a very visceral process; one you can repeat over and over again without effort. I must feel as real as the air we breathe. If you cannot connect to it with your innermost self, it is not yet time. Allow yourself to look at it from a new perspective. 

4. Do the Due

Our role is to faithfully place our efforts in the due diligence that create the conditions to attract that which we desire. We don’t make things happen, we create the conditions that allow life to make it happen. That’s the misconception that sometimes irks the crap out of me. Because I make choices that cause life to throw a curveball my way, I tend to “Think” I can “Make it happen.” What arrogance, to ass-u-me that any one human being can make anything happen all on their own. Give me a break. There’s an entire world full of knuckleheads like us vying for the same or similar goals in life. 

Simply put energy into the due diligence and allow Universal creativity to handle the details. It’s that simple. Take it from someone who has attracted his fair share of magic and tragic experiences. I’ve experienced first hand what it is like to manifest homes, dream jobs, and an amazing wife. The one dimension I finally got a handle on was our relationship with money. Already, we are attracting abundance like nothing I’ve experienced before. Not just money, but whatever we desire. We have become abundance generators, because we are abundance generating beings.

5. It's All About Access

Life, having greater access to material form, will match our vibrational state of being into existence. When you are lit up in your groove, life will meet you there. It will mirror and manifest your groove into being. Think of life as our own personal Holodeck. Very much like in the TV series Star Trek in which participants would engage in simulated realities for staging experiences if their choosing. There’s an entire Universe of vibrational energy surrounding our majestic blue rock. Trust the process and know it will mirror whatever your desire.

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