Awareness In Emoting

There was a time when drama raged on inside me, and daily battles between my mind and sensations in my body wreaked havoc in my life. My mind had all the answers, or so I "thought."

You see, this is what I find intriguing about the way we think. We believe that information only exists inside the mind. And yet, we possess an entire nervous system comprised of neurons and bio-electrical connections. Which means have access to an entire body of information beyond the mind. So, does our mind end with the brain?

There are therapies and modalities of healing that understand this connection between the mind and body. Our nervous system is the means by which information is transmitted and received through electrical impulses. So, stresses from memories, trauma, anxiety, worry, grief, depression, fear, anger, and shame affect our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Information about events, whether traumatic or over time, is recorded by the subconscious part of our brain but it doesn't end there. I invite you to contemplate the following for a moment. Our physical senses shape how we process information. For example, sight - the experiences we visually observe, hearing - the audible sounds we hear, smells - aromas and scents in the air, taste - flavors perceived by our tongue, touch - somatic sensations like feelings and emotions, temperature - how warm or cold the air feels, or kinesthetic - our physical experience in every moment.

Hmm... This Leads Me To Ask

Would it stand to reason that we have access to information beyond our brain? If so, why rely only on our brain for the answers we seek?

We breathe, think, feel, and experience. That about sums it up and in that order, no less. I find myself truly blessed to have found a passion for coaching. My mottos are "No one should go it alone" and "My clients' healing is my healing." My courageous bold clients are always amazed when they learn that they have access to guidance which has always lived within them. Our body has access to a whole universe of wisdom below the neck.

Ok, Let Me Break It Down

Emotions are physiological expressions - a buildup of energy from hormones and chemicals released in the body based what we feel. Feelings, in turn, are forms of energy based on conscious and unconscious thinking patterns in the mind. Information from thoughts form the feelings which are communicated throughout the body by the nervous system. Emotions are the result of chemical reactions in the body. Quite genius actually.

Here's where it gets interesting. When coaching a client who's in search of answers to greater meaning, one of the first things I invite them to do is a breathing exercise. Next, they are invited to begin noticing their breath in and out. Then I ask them to become aware of their thoughts like clouds in the sky without judgment. After which, I ask them to become aware of the bodily sensations associated with those thoughts. And my favorite part, when I finally ask them where these sensations live inside their body.

The experience is more transformative than the insights gained in that brief exercise. That simple exercise alone opens them up to a whole new world of access and awareness. Access to what they're feeling and where they are feeling it. It also aids to induce awareness to new pathways of information. I get chills just thinking about it. It's the coolest thing to hold space for and witness.

Simple practices like the one shared invites awareness to powerful inner guidance. And when combined with proven tools and skills, clients gain profound access to innate creativity, resourcefulness and a greater sense of wholeness.

Now You’re Invited

The next time you find yourself solely relying on thoughts for the answers. I invite you to take a moment, breathe and follow the trail of emotional breadcrumbs. Where do they lead and of what are they trying to make you aware?