Don't be a flat tire

Several months ago…

Hauling butt down I-77 southbound when all of a sudden there was a sound. “I didn’t see anything in the road,” I say to Diana a little perplexed. “Neither did I,” she responds. I look in the rearview to see nothing trailing behind us. Then a vibration fills the cabin. Slowly we make our way to the shoulder on the right side of the freeway. We'd just gotten on the road towards Columbia, SC at 7:30 in the morning, for an Awakenings 11:11 event. For us, that's a two-hour drive.

How are we ever going to arrive on time?

"This flat isn't going to get the best of us," I thought to myself as I quietly begin changing this untimely flat. Meanwhile, I feel a burning churning deep inside as I raise the car on that rinky-dink jack that comes with most cars nowadays. Making quick work of the tire change, Diana asks "have you done this before?" "Yes, but not on this car," as I proceed to clean up. I use the dew off the morning grass to wet my hands enough to wipe the grime off them. Not one stain on my white V-neck shirt and khaki pants. And, I changed that tire in less than ten minutes.

So why was I feeling cranky AF?

As you may have already guessed, my ego was struggling over the thought of being late. As we get back on the road Diana says "I feel like we should go back and get my car." Inside I'm like WTF but agree without protest because it actually makes sense. Then, I look at the time and immediately saying the following, "we're never going to make it there on time," a song titled "We're on time" by Nahko and Medicine For The People began playing. I sh*t you not. As if to say, oh yee of little faith. Of course, this is not the first time Spirit speaks to me through life in this manner.

All and all boys and girls

This occurrence was yet another reminder to always surrender to the experience. I don't mean giving up but surrendering to the here and now. Without expectation, judgment, or piss-poor attitude. Because who wants to be on the road riding alongside a grumbling flat tire?