Paradigms come and go, but Love is eternal

One recent morning as I contemplated over my intention for the day the following words spontaneously came to me. I instantly knew this message from somewhere else. I have to capture them or lose them to the ether. Hope you enjoy it. 

There is a notable shift toward greater alignment with inclusivity and mindful acceptance. The disruptive responses currently being experienced throughout society is an expected result of the expansion process. As longstanding paradigms within the collective reach the end of their life cycles, as with ego, there will be an instinctive fight for their survival. And that is A-OK.

See it for what it is and send it off with love. Allow these paradigms to go in peace. Continue on in the pursuit of ever higher expansion, acceptance, inclusivity, and unconditional Love. For we can only choose our own individual responses within the ever-growing collective of Love and acceptance. Challenging these longstanding paradigms is only an exercise in futility. Because in order to do so a lowering in vibrational value must occur to meet them where they are.

Instead, I urge we hold firm in the rising tide of our awakened collective. Displacing or transmuting any energy that is no longer in alignment with the greater good of all creation.

I. Love. All Beings. Humanity included ;-).

And so it is. Love and Light,

Ty Ryan, CPCC