Temporal, not temporal

Future?!? What is future? Simply put, a now occurring after this Now. Well, isn’t that just another Now? Or is it nothing more than the power of choice made in every Now? A continuous weaving of possibilities into potential new timelines. See what I did there? LoL! 

There was a time when all decisions I made were base on a “Future” created in my mind. Yeah me, the guy that generally doesn’t plan beyond next week. Back then, however, none of the groundwork for any planning and strategizing had yet been laid toward co-creating said “Future”. This often led to feeling overwhelmed and comparing myself, at the time, to a “Future” self that only existed in my mind. Little did I realize it was me disappointing myself time and time again. See the paradox here? So, I gave up planning and got really good at flying by the seat of my pants. That too required a whole lot of energy, come to find out because of how messy it feels.

Then Boom

One day in a moment of blissful stillness all that I thought I understood about time was unlearned in an instant. So there I am meditating when all of a sudden, BOOM! I’m viewing all time, all events, all possibilities occurring in parallel.  There seems to be a natural order governing every experience we have. As I began to slow the F* down, it began making more sense. I no longer felt like salmon swimming upstream. 

A subtle ebb and flow emerged seemingly out of nowhere. That’s when the concept of divine timing was revealed to me. In my slowing down, life seemed to move ever more smoothly and effortlessly. Giving appearance that I was moving faster than I actually was. There’s an adage I learned to live by in Autocross. “Slow is fast...”. The greater meaning here is smooth intentional throttling and steering inputs get you around the track faster. 

Since leaping toward my passion nine months ago to helping bold people transform their now, I have learned so much about myself as an entrepreneur. Which was a huge unknown for me. Not nearly as scary as having your savings run out and feeling my sphincter pucker tight with slight panic. OH, Sh*t! What now! The first six months I was offering Life Coaching as a powerful extension to healing with several Therapy practices. Networking my ass off through several networking groups. Individual 1:1 networking meets with brilliant entrepreneurs. 

And poof, a big fat goose egg… I mean, absolutely nothing came from any of that. My point being, I put a whole bunch of energy and effort into what I thought was the direction I wanted my business to go with little to no progress. Still, I keep throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Salmon swimming upstream. Then I stopped. Literally. I traveled a little, which from the outside seems like financial suicide. I needed to stop, regroup, and refocus. 

Nerd Alert

Try to keep up here. This is how I came to perceive time. Our incredibly powerful gift of free-will makes us all timeline co-creators. There is no destination, only experiences that lead to seasons of ever-increasing shifts in human evolution and incremental ascension. With every life-changing choice, we spool up new timelines. Have you ever stood in between two mirrors directly facing one another? That is very similar to how other dimensions exist base on my perception when peering beyond the veil of this realm.

The hologram in which we exist operates in parallel to an infinite number of other holograms operating with slight differences from our current “reality”. Each version of yourself seen in that example is more or less a dimension of your “Future” occurring in parallel to this one. With every intentional decision made we spool up a new timeline. Basically, a new version as seen standing in between the mirrors. 

What was I saying?

Oh right, back to the point of my temporal ramblings. Getting back to me after my perceived misguided decision to travel, I fell back into that divine flow mentioned earlier. All of a sudden traction, big results from apparently small moves. I began weaving a timeline more in alignment with my passion to support healing through transformation. 

To which “Future” are your efforts being devoted? The idea of what you think it ought to be or the one living deep inside you? You have the will to co-create any timeline you prefer so long as it aligns with You instead of ego. In order to go fast, slow the F down and feel your way through it. I dare you. I double dare you to live courageously You!