Mirrored Universe

In a coaching session with a dear client of mine...

We'll call her "June" in honor of confidentiality. Anywho, the topic began as wanting clarity from the Universe. "Fair enough," I thought. Being in transition over an extended period of time will have that effect on anyone. Right?!? As we get into a groove, I noticed June sharing desires with underlying reasons based on fear. We dance a bit conversationally as the topic ebbs and flows, then clarity arrives with an uplifting BOOM taking over her entire being.

We all do this. Life's trials shape the underlying perceptions of our sincerest desires. Next thing you know you're asking "Why things are as they stand". "But I've been clear about my intentions! Why are things this way?" "What is wrong with me?" Heck, I do this too at times. We'll put all this effort on getting clear of what we want but then completely overlook the real underlying reason motivating us. Why? Because we tend to get caught up in outcomes, and future-based expectations. Don't get me wrong, becoming clear is better than expecting mud being turned into water.

What? It's so confusing...😫

Here's what was revealed. If the thing you desire most is based on FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), the Universe will mirror on your behalf in a VERY literal way. For example, "I want a Blue S Model P100D Tesla," but the reason behind that desire is base on a fear of polluting the environment. Universe will only mirror opportunities in support of environmentally unfriendly vehicles. I'll never land in a space with the opportunity to buy a Tesla. No matter how hard I work.

Transmuting Fear

So here we are back to my client June and we are co-actively transmuting the reason behind her desires, and a life-changing shift occurs. She first needed to get real with herself on the reason behind her desires, her why. Rather than wanting something from fear of the opposite, she shifted her truth to resonate in support of authentic desires. For example, remember that Tesla I mentioned? Yeah, instead of desiring my dream car from fear of polluting the environment in I transmuted that desire to support of my love for the environment and innovative technology, and because electric is the new sexy. Duh... Simple, right? I know!!!

Bottom Line

Universe, God, Source, Spirit... However you refer to higher power, will mirror on your behalf. No matter how clear you are as to the outcome. Our vibrational state originates from feelings. Whilst outcomes are based on thought. Between your heart and mind, which do you believe creates a bigger energetic field? What we think doesn't always reflect what we feel. Become clear on the why behind your feels and life will support of what you desire.

Universe Only Mirrors Intentions Underlying Our Desires, Not Outcomes
— That Loving Space

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