ReIntegrating to Self

Hey folks, Long time no write! So here's how my story of reintegrating back to wholeness went down. After repeating the same patterns time and time again of volatile and uncomfortable relationships, I'd had enough. So I did what anyone else in my situation would do. Really, not really. I sought healing through Psychotherapy and Life Coaching, simultaneously. I get that not everyone would leap so boldly, but I was desperate to uncover what the F was wrong with me. Clearly, something in me was broken. I mean for realz.

The Waking-Dream

Now I could go on and on about how my childhood was rife with dysfunction but by that time, such excuses held little credence even with me. Okay, so here I am 6 months into some of the most profound healing experiences to date. While in my car for a surprising, not so surprising coaching session because I was so freaking scattered that I'd completely forgotten about it. A question so compelling was asked that it literally took me to another place. I was no longer pulled over on the side of the road being coached in my car. There were trees all around with leaves of all shapes and colors. It felt like fall as I noted their hues of yellow, orange, and reds.

What the...

Ok so now I'm in this surreal space, a forest. Taking it all in as I am moment by moment describing the experience to my coach on the other end of the call. I notice a young boy sitting on a boulder with legs bent and head concealed behind his knees. I tell you, this was a waking-dream like nothing I'd ever encountered. As I approach the young lad I call out to him asking if he's okay. Raising his head I noticed he was crying and then the most shocking thing happened. I realized the little boy was me! Talk about a mind bender. Not knowing what to do I kept my cool as my inner parent sprung into action. Climbing onto the boulder, I slowly and instinctively approached to soothe him.

The next few moments were life-changing. "What's the matter little man," I asked. "I'm lost and scared" he replied. Being the sappy dad that I am, I pull him close. "It's okay, I am lost and afraid too" I respond. "How about we figure this out together? I've got you" I said. This part get's me every time. His frightened sweet face softens and we both climb off the boulder. Holding his cold little hand I began looking around so as to get my bearings. Can I hear running water in the distance? Which direction is the sun facing? You know, basic survival stuff.


As I began feeling the swell of anxiety filling me, my inner child, the boy looks up and says "I've got you too". At this point of the call, I'm a hot mess leaking all over my face. Then I feel this overwhelming calm, and a path among the fallen leaves suddenly reveals itself. We begin our journey as we follow the winding trail. As we finally reach the edge of that ominous forest, we both look at one another in relief. "We made it" I exclaimed! The waking-dream slowly began to fade as I returned back into my then now, in my car adjacent the midday traffic occurring outside. Holy cow, what the... did I just experience! From then on was my trek into co-creating relationship with my inner most self in a real way.

Edit: This article is in reference to time period long ago. Nothing to do with recent relationships. Geez.

ReIntegrative Healing

You see, that part of my reason for taking such a radical leap was because upon realizing I wanted to become a Life Coach myself, I recognized some bold actions would need to take place if I was to support the healing of others. Unclear to me at the time, that experience would become the origin of my ReIntegration with self. Since then I have developed a set of protocols specifically designed to help you return to wholeness.

I now offer a healing experience that combines the best of my signature modalities in Transformational Life Coaching, Medical Intuition, and Mediumship to support you in reintegrating with your innermost self through groundbreaking healing.