The Story Behind My Story

People often ask, "What led you to become a life coach?" Well, in all honesty, it was a desire for learning how to listen better. I have been told by previous partners that I did not know how to listen. My history in relationships, you see, is quite a tumultuous one. You know how it goes, even though we speak the same language, it often feels like no one is listening. Go figure.

So when I heard it said "the key to any healthy relationship is communication," what did that really mean? Well, the brilliant work of Dr. Gary Chapman and the publishing of his book The Five Love Languages, Dr. Chapman helped clue me in several years ago. He discovered that we all express love in our own unique language. I have come to find the same can be said when attempting to verbally communicate our feelings. Just because you and I speak the same language does not mean we will innately understand what the other is saying.

My story is not very different from many other stories. A story involving poverty, painful family wounds, emotional neglect, and varying degrees of verbal abuse. It also included abandonment, alcohol and drug addiction like stories told by so many.

And in my story, throw in a mom who was very unaware of her abilities medium and incantation wielding badass. Unfortunately the result of dogma and superstitions to know any different. Actually, both my parents are unwittingly very gifted intuitive people. What I have come to recognize is the opportunity for experiencing true healing in being seen, heard, and valued was never really fulfilled on my mom's side of the family. So I took upon myself to finally break the cycle.

You see, my childhood was one from which I worked really hard to separate myself. "OKAY, get to the point already..." is all I hear at the moment from the inner chatter and its fear of vulnerability. Clearly, an aspect of me that is uncomfortable with sharing the sensitive details of my story still remains. The beauty is that I now know how blessed I am to have discovered my innate superpowers. They were brought to life by diligent, and very uncomfortable personal work involving my story. The dots of which I was fortunate enough to have connected on my own.

Does this fully explain my metaphysical superpowers and coaching badassery? Not entirely. It does help explain what what drives my passion for empowering others though. My passion thrives from the continuous work to better understand and refine my art in the skill of listening to another's pain.