What is this you speak of?

For many who already know me, what I'm about to share may be nothing new. Those of whom have recently become acquainted with me, hi! You see, from birth I was gifted with some pretty amazing abilities. Hang on to your sensibilities if theological beliefs are all you hold true. The following topic is about technology possessed by all humans, a form of human technology that has existed since the dawn of humanity. This technology is intuition.

in·tu·i·tion - noun - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Now of course, I'm delving into abilities that go beyond intuition, but for the sake of expansion here goes. The abilities I have either always known or discovered are as follows.

  • clairvoyance - clear seeing
  • clairsentience - clear feeling (empath)
  • clairtangency - clear touch (psychometry)
  • claircognizance - clear knowing
  • clairalience - clear smelling
  • clairgustance - clear tasting
  • mediumship - mediate between the dead and living
  • medical intuition - ability to intuit dis-ease and ailments
  • energetic healer - energetically promote the body's own innate healing

Phew, that's quite a few if I say so myself. Now that I've listed them all, I realize this is something I never fully inventoried. In the following video go on to share my view of intuition, physic abilities and how they relate to the world around us. Please excuse the pixelated appearance. Evidently, my human tech has been having this effect on man-made tech as of late.