Your Awakening

What if you were being called to level-up in consciousness?

Beyond reality, beyond instinct, beyond intuition, what you are experiencing may feel nothing short of insanity. I mean really, losing chunks of time, dreams feeling more real than reality itself, or forms and figures in the periphery of your vision. I totally get it, new metaphysical (beyond physicsal) experiences aren’t always welcomed by everyone. They can even be down right unsettling. I'm not here to yammer on about the different forms of metaphysical abilities. This is about your experience and your experience alone.

With that said, I’d like to invite a reframing of perspective by opening your mind and, for a moment, releasing any attachment you think you know about “Logical thinking." That which our mind quantifies through living experience by way of our five senses is how we define “Normal.” Whereas anything beyond that is considered illogical and down right weird.

What if the opposite were more true than you’ve come to trust? 

    Try this on for size. What if your entire existence were filled with wonders that have yet been defined by science or even magic? Experiences not easily explainable, “Logical”, or conceivable in nature?  What if you were always able to naturally perceive beyond the fringes of this reality, and more often than not found yourself feeling more at home than in this reality? Would the new experiences you now call weird feel so illogical? Well do not fret my brothers and sisters.

    You. Are. Not. Alone! Below are examples of what someone may begin to experience early on in their metaphysical awakening.

    • Lucid or vivid dreams
    • Gaps in temporal reality
    • Sensing energies in your space
    • Visions of future events
    • Voices not your own
    • Compelled to share with strangers
    • Colors surrounding people or objects
    • Being visited by entities at night

    I'll let you in on a little known truth, there are very talented skeptical psychics struggling to find where they stand in all this as well. The thing is, access to metaphysical or spiritual wisdom and abilities have been available to our species since the dawn of creation. Healers of varying types have lived among us for eons, and this population if the "gifted" is growing exponentially. Herbal healers, Spiritual healers, Energetic healers, physical healers, animal healers, horticultural healers, all believe in a calling much greater than themselves. What makes this experience so uncomfortable or even scary is unique to each person. My observation has lead me to conclude that there may be a direct correlation betweens one's clarity of purpose and their awakening. That is to say, if someone begins to experience a metaphysical awakening and has yet to discover the associating purpose, their process would effectively be met with resistance. 

    By now, you've heard of Psychic mediums like John Edwards and the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. What about Caroline Myss? An MD, author, and medical intuitive. What about the most famous healer of them all, Yeshua? Yep the dude described as the savior to all man kind. All mystics, healers, intuitives, spiritual catalysts, shaman live to serve in their own way. If history has shown us anything, it's the irrefutable evidence of the miraculous personified millennia  after millennia. No matter your belief we were created in very same Universe where galaxies, suns, planets, nebulas and blackholes came to be. If you cannot see the logical correlation there, well then we can't be friends. Kidding! No really, let's have tea or coffee sometime.

    Then why do people resist the signs to their calling or lose their shit in the process of awakening? From what are they protecting themselves? Are they protecting themselves from the responsibility required to live in their power? I mean, my super powers are pretty cool if I do say so myself. Is it fear of standing out whilst in service to the natural side-effects of the human condition? You know, illness and disease. Or is it the illogical judgement of seeming weird and different? Wonder Woman, Super Man, Wolverine are all celebrated and applauded for their magical powers. I guess it's safer to believe in illusion than in truth. C'Est la Vie. 

    Haven't you ever wondered how it is that mediums access residual energy from those who've passed on? Why is it my hands become warm by the mere thought of healing another's pain? Where does this energy come from? Seriously, how does a clairvoyant see with uncanny detail the events that occurred in the past or the future? Aren't you the least a bit curious what it would be like to experience it for yourself? Let's say you walked into my office and I healed your pain in a way traditional medicine could not? Would you whirl in fear how I did it or would you share that miracle with everyone you know? (This is where I'd drop the mic.)

    Here comes that reframing I mentioned earlier. What if I told you the feeling of needing to protect suggests attack is always imminent. Attack from what, illogical human perception? HA! Man, a living contradiction. If only we, as a collective, realized there is no truth more so than the divine grace we have been privileged to embody and live in service of. Therefore, where Love abides, the need for protection cannot also occupy. What I'm saying is worrying of attack, or the future, only serves to perpetuate the same. If our design is not miraculous enough to suggest intelligent creation then surely there's no way we could ever embrace the very magic we embody.

    Regardless, if we have discovered the ability to send and receive signals through the ether then surely we must also possess the ability to do the same within ourselves. Think of yourself as a being capable of accessing and sending vibrational energies and signals in the form of energy. Our heart is the largest electromagnetic generator in our body. Like a radio but with far greater capability than any satellite, radio antenna, or craft man has yet to devised. And much like the electromagnetic spectrum, we are only able to see a small portion of this spectrum in the form of visible light. Much of it is not visible to the human eye. What about our mind's eye? Science has devised specialized man-made optical witchery to observe what cannot be seen by the human eye. And the rest, unobservable by science. Yet an entire body of science is convinced there is something connecting all existence where previously was considered empty space. 

    Anything man-made can only ever be as great as the mind that conceives it. Maybe one day we'll devise technology that will seem like magic to beings far less advanced than us. Oh wait, we have. Ever seen the look on a child's face when you FaceTime someone half way across the globe? Yeah. All I am suggesting is to simply give yourself permission to trust in the experiences of your awakening so they too can become part of your new normal. Sit with that for a moment and then hit me up when you're ready to start a conversation on expanding your now. 

    Are you in the midst of a metaphysical awakening?

    These experiences indicate you are being called to grow, stretch, and explore the full breadth of your humanity and innate abilities. The framework for this process is quite simple. There is no silver bullet or reversing it either. Once you're on, you are on!

    Then I invite you to explore your awakening for greater access to inner wisdom and greater clarity into the unknown so it's not so uncomfortable.