Where are you being called to expand?

It’s not always easy to see where our comfort zone ends and expansion begins. How do you identify the fringes of your comfort zone? Once there, what sensations, limiting beliefs, or self talk prevents you from stepping beyond the fringe?

Unintentional self-sabotage can sometimes be a cleverly disguised attempt to stay right where we find ourselves. In my case, I was getting tripped up in the “How to” of things when attempting to walk beyond the fringes of my comfort zone.

Reflecting on this recent experience, I was left feeling relieved and perplexed simutaneously. Understanding how I allowed myself to whirl in the phase of “How to” while also feeling excited to begin this new chapter of life was unclear to me at the time.

Now that I’ve made leap into clearly define action instead of whirling it all seems so clear. All I had to was give myself permission to suck at it until I figured it out. A little messiness allowed me to become very clear on the services I was being called to offer. The bonus in all this?

My message is clearer than ever, I am a talented Tranformational Life Coach and Energetic Healer. I simply needed to give myself the freedom to discover where I was being called to expand. Be well.