Embracing the Stretch

Everyone processes that call to something greater in their own way. Every major stretch reaches a crescendo of absolute discomfort right before the shift. This is my queue in awareness that shift is afoot. So when shift in play I hunker down and listen to all dimensions of life that may begin to feel uncomfortable, and by that I mean physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

My first impulse, though, is to hide away from the madness. Preferably the beach or somewhere near water. That has been my go-to for many many moons growing. I'd cut and run when life reached pinnacles of uncomfortable ickiness with no desire to return. Being a hardheaded fire sign in Aries, it took many karmic bonks on the head to finally figure out that running away doesn't solve things, or make them go away. The universe will always persist what we resist. Always!

The divine is far more clever and creative than you or I will ever be. It'll only manifest what you need to face with ever more intensity and complexity until you have no other recourse but to throw hands up in surrender and simply ask WTF. 

So here are examples of my recent call to stretch. I'd finally stepped away from a 17+ year career in IT to pursue my passion in transformational coaching and energy work, my sweet grandmother, who helped raised me and paved the way for the man I am today, recently passed away, and my personal life has been ever so mercilessly triggering every emotional wound I've suffered as a child. Lastly, bouts of painful inflammation in my spine which is attributed to my genetic disposition with Lupus. 

Experiencing far greater pain in the past makes this feel no less uncomfortable. Hmmm... Maybe that's the reason the best in me has failed to show up lately. I don't get it. LoL! I've been a pissy pain in the ass lately. Through every passing experience a new level of awareness becomes clear as to the five things that help me better embrace the stretch.

1. The Call - In the beginning it's not always clear the moment you realize there is something greater you are meant to do. It's a knowing in your bones you cannot explain.

2. Compelled - As that seed of purpose begins to sprout, an urge to act begins to brew within. You find that it consumes your thoughts and conversations.

3. Futile Resistance - Once we've wrapped our head around the idea and vision becomes clear, limiting beliefs begin to swirl from all around. To resist, however, is to allow more pain.

4. Sign, sign, everywhere signs - You begin to notice signs, in support of this new idea, begin to emerge in daily life. Through songs, billboards, the radio, in movies, friends and family.

5. Divine Nudges -  Wake-up calls, from the universe, to this new purpose begin to bonk you on the head. You get to choose how easy or painful things turn out.

It took me a long while but I finally realize that trust itself never really failed me. It was where I placed my trust and forgetting to be mindful of embracing the shifts as they come. Here's the thing, overtime as I began to pause, take a step back, and ask for clarity from a place of trust, was when I learned to let go of outcomes. It has become very clear to me that we try to control that which makes us feel unsafe. We in turn feel unsafe because we forget to simply trust in the bigger picture no matter how nebulous it seems.

Bottom line, embracing the stretch of life's icky moments simply boils down to trusting in whatever serves you in the bigger picture. Share your truth in that moment, pause, and ask WTF? You'd be surprised to learn the answer was there all along.


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