That's not what I asked for!

What if I told you the Universe is a living mirror to your very existence. What shifts in paradigm would you courageously step into?

"I want to own a home one day" said aloud with conviction to friends and family in moments of connection, that day has yet to come, nevertheless. "What gives, why is it taking so long? I've done all the work!" we proclaim to the heavens in a moment of frustration shaking our fists in the air. Let's do a little word play, what do "Wishful thinking", "Hopeful aspirations", and "Positive thinking" all have in common? The answer may not be what you expect. I'll come back to that momentarily. 

The secret to manifest is really no secret at all. What does it mean to manifest, to materialize things or a life we want? It means to display, reveal, bring into view a desired intention. The likes of which are expressed in many forms by the very Universe in which we choose to co-create. The queues are all around us to this very truth.

Our Universe, this plane of existence, is a living breathing, mathematically synchronized set of ratios that govern everything. The intention for this post is to illuminate how everything is a series of interconnecting systems existing in perfect harmony, though seemingly chaotic in nature.

One day a few months ago I was procrastinating on a responsibility that required me to secure a couple of boxes for returning something back to a manufacturer. Because that's what I do when in resistance, I procrastinate. Then that responsibility soon became an urgent need, it had to get done. Talk about waiting until the last minute(rolling my eyes).

Finally surrendering to this need I got off my arss and decided that day will be the day I find the right-sized boxes that would fill this need. Since I was deciding to be a cheapskate unwilling to pay for boxes, while on the hunt for boxes, I literally said aloud "Man it would be awesome to find some boxes right now" and as I turn the corner there they were! I big pile of boxes! Immediately I slammed on the brakes(screech)!

What would you deduce was the secret to that example of instant manifestation? Do I have some special gift like that of Midas's touch? We are mirrored exactly what is asked of the Universe. EXACTLY! The rub here is language and energetic intent must be in integrity and congruent in alignment.

That is to say, "I don't want it to rain" while energetically focused on the rain would only lead to more rain as the intended desire. Whereas, "May it be sunny today" with the energetic intent on sunny skies would more likely allow for more accurate mirroring of desired intent. "Yeah, easier said than done Mr." Oh really? I dare you to try it on a smaller scale. I double-dog dare ya! Our Universe really is a living mirror capable of conspiring in our behalf regardless our energetic state and use of language.

Blaming the Universe for failed partnerships was always easier than taking accountability for my lack of understanding on how to work with the Universe on it's terms. So freaking arrogant of me, to think that I alone can make things happen. Really? What power do any of us really hold to manifest anything completely on our own. What an absolute illusion!

Then it clicked one day, after months of diligent inner work and effort. I'm mean hiring both a coach and psychotherapist with serveral uncomfortable moments of heartfelt tears and snot and revelations. Months of emotional purging, random fits of unadulterated vulnerability. A mere commercial would bring me to my knees. All that pain buried deep within from MANY emotional wounds finally came pouring out. Healing was finally happening. When it was all said and done a feeling of relief and lightness began to fill me. My intuition was smooth and no longer all over the place. It felt pure and purposeful. I can call upon it at will and temper it when needed. Except for crowds, still can do crowds of people. Being front of people, easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

All that baggage was getting in my way. My mindset and way of being was clearly framed in such a manner that everything I did originated from a space of wanting; from a space of lack. "But I've done the work Ty, and things still aren't going my way" I've heard amazingly brilliant people say. Have you really, I ask? Let's break it down. For starters, are you asking the Universe for what you want? Or are you stating it? Does your language include words like "I want", "I wish", "I will", "One day", "Some day" or anything remotely similar? What about your desired intent, where is it originating from? What mindset, what state are you operating from energetically? 

What if the integrity of your mindset and energetic state originated from a space of already having, instead of wanting, wishing, or hoping? From a space where it already exists. I'm not referring to "Positive thinking." That's another half-baked truth in our awareness with very little context; it's only half the recipe. I'm just saying, to reframe one's entire state of being is to release what no longer serves and surrendering to a whole new way of resonance. And this is where a coaching holds the power in supporting you through such shifts.

Remember my inquiry in wordplay at the beginning of this post? So, what do "Wishful thinking", "Hopeful aspirations", and "Positive thinking" all have in common? They all have origins in wanting, in lack; not in having. I would invite you to observe the words you speak and to become courageously accountable for the vibe behind those words from this point forth. How do you manifest desired intent? 

A call to truth

What are your thoughts? Go ahead and comment below. Or book your complimentary mini coaching session and begin the next phase to a more fulfilling life.