Leaps of Faith

Think you know what it takes to launch a business? After 17+ years in corporate America thought I learned a thing or two about business. I learned nothing!

Working for myself is a whole new ball of wax. I am the Owner, Graphic Designer, Marketing, Sales, and Transformational Life Coach, etc. for That Loving Space. This is not my first attempt at starting a business though. Twenty years ago I tried my hand at launching a personal fitness practice and didn’t have the wherewithal nor the resources to get it of the ground. It was rough. A new bouncing baby boy to care for and no car posed a serious challenge.  

No sweat, I had love for my son, a trusty mountain bike, a dream to save the world (one unhealthy person at a time), and sheer will. In retrospect, what I did not have was foresight in having a sound plan, proper preparation, and a healthy sense of self-worth. It simply was not my time. I barely had enough clients to sustain the enormous efforts required to succeed. Especially when they were paying only $65.00 for an hour for the high quality ass kicking and nutrition I offered. Meeting them in various locations on my bike or while at the gym I where worked part time(shhh...it was against the rules to train non-member clients). Barely made enough to support myself and provide for my son.

It really was a very painful time. Scared and alone, on the outs with my baby mama, and desperately wanting to train anyone serious about their health. Exercise and Kyle were all that kept me sane back then. When I say those were desperate times, that is my ego understating the reality of things. For a while I lived on canned tuna, eggs and lentils so that I’d have enough money to feed Kyle on our weekends together. Heaven help me, recalling these memories makes me want to lose my shit and shed tears. Poor kid, he slept out of a playpen or in my bed until he was almost two. Luckily I was blessed to have gracious roommates that didn’t fuss over a rambunctious boy in the house.

My point is not to garner any sympathy but to illustrate how even the purest of intentions, will, and faith alone may not always be enough. When I was planning this most recent leap I learned the importance of having a well thought out plan, a great support system (family, friends, mentors, and professionals in the same field), the will and faith to succeed. As write I realize how truly blessed I am. Very thankful for my small but mighty circle of peeps. This might be a great time to segue into to point of this particular rant. What I do not want for you is waiting on embracing your stretch. Everyone's timing is specific to their calling.

So what’s different this go around Ty? Great question! Glad you asked. The greatest difference, manifesting from a space of expansive existence. That is to say, not trying to manifest from a space of desperate existence. Allowing myself ample time to become clear on a plan (which evolved as I evolved through the process), surrounding myself with the right people, and resources necessary for making the leap.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit scared in regards to finances, but that's about it. I love what I do, I believe whole heartedly in my gift of service. Most, importantly I feel deep in my bones this leap is, absolutely without question, the right thing to do for me and all who experience services rendered.

Have you been feeing a call to something bigger than yourself?

You're not alone. Countless folks like you and me are also feeling it too. If you take anything away from this post it is this, timing is everything (not your time, but that of the Universe) and how will you know unless you leap with clear intention and a little due diligence. No need to go it alone nor do you need to have all the answers. Support is always a phone call away, all you have to do is share your truth and ask. Be well.