To be or not to be... Open

Hola! So glad to be writing again. Had to recover from February's breakneck chaotic pace in my journey towards Coaching and medical intuitive work. Let alone ensuring I meet the responsibilities in my IT day job and daddy duties. May as well be in the circus with all the balls in the air I seem to be juggling. Phewww!

Okay, so being intellectually open is one thing, while being emotionally open another. What about spiritually or energetically open? "Open to what you silly woo woo man?" potentially the question searing a hole in your mind as you cautiously ponder "do I really want to follow him down that rabbit hole?" Shit yeah, you know you do! Otherwise, you'd of clicked away from this blog post quicker than that poor fire breather in recent news realizing his face was on fire. Poor Hot head... excuse the pun. LOL!

The unknown is what I'm talking about. Yeah, becoming utterly and completely open to it. Blindly open to it. Surrendering your whole self to it, whatever 'it' is. Chew on that for a hot second. Doesn't it suddenly cause whatever perfectionist in you to freak out ever so slightly? Of course it does! It's okay, you can own it. No judgments here, only Love. It does for me at least. The perfectionist in me freaks the fuck out at the mere thought. The logical and "recovering perfectionist" in me immediately wants to strategize and scheme for plans A, B, and C. Oh and then there are contingency plans in case they fall through. Shit already as I type this twinge of anxiety is creeping in. Breathe... I will.


So What does it mean being truly open to the unknown? Really? Does it mean abandoning all plans and flying solely by the seat of your pants? Not really. Been there, done that and didn't get very far either. Not even T-shirt or hat from that trip. Blah... Anyone who's read any of my previous pieces may recall me writing on this topic from a slightly different perspective. So without boring those loyal to my rants I'll illuminate from my most recent experiences.

As many of you may already know of my emphatic Spiritually driven desire to coach the masses on their path to personal and intuitive development towards higher self. What you may not know is how I had to open myself up to the unknown by saying goodbye to a very dear Love, my sweet darling muse of two years. Not only that but I also needed released several aspects and ideas of who I "thought" I was stepping through this process of surrendering completely to the Unknown. Mid January to early February ushered in a shedding of energies no longer part of my higher purpose. Not in any bad way but more in a way that would have stalled or greatly impacted my forward momentum. Gosh did it ever hurt to let go. The unknown seemed so scary at the time. Devastating so I allowed what I knew was best for my higher purpose.

Also I had to let go the idea I wasn't yet ready to coach by taking a leap of pure faith into trusting I had everything I needed to be the best possible coach for my clients. Once I realized i had Spirit and divine wisdom to carry me through each session I finally surrendered and began holding that Loving space for my clients to discover their truths and creatively resourceful power. What a refreshing release that turned out to be (as i sigh another sigh of relief). The authentically raw work previously invested in healing me made that leap into the unknown worth while. Codependency and perfectionism no longer had all their hooks in me. Hallelujah! I say all because it would be naïve of me to assume I'm completely healed. Pfffttt... yeah right. I'm sure there's something else those pesky things can will try to find their clever little hooks into.

Events in your life may not be as dramatic as in mine. Perhaps you're going to something right now that seems unclear and uncertain intellectually but your heart is screaming "THIS DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT!" Meanwhile logically and emotionally you know nothing else. Allowing or deciding the right path in this moment can feel like cliff diving with eyes wide shut. The only decisive thing may be to not choose at all and continue moving forward or even sharing your truth to set someone else free. The unknown is all around us as constant as change itself, the air we breath, and the tears we shed. Being open to the unknown does not always mean planning what's to come. It means allowing what's to come like adventure yet to be written while faithfully in trusting in your Higher Power and a healthy support system.

Lest not forget a healthy support system can help make all the difference. Flying by seat of my pants is exhilarating once I'm clear of what I want and no longer need. Putting in the work or due diligence sets me up for success only if I'm willing to step into the unknown. Not fearlessly, for there is no such thing but through fear embracing release into that seemingly scary unknown. As always be well in the that Loving space.