Growth in Kombucha

What started as an experimental hobby has morphed into a labor of love. It has now grown from a one-batch-at-a-time into two staggered batches of Kombucha fermentation process. Turns out I have developed a simple process for growing baby scoby (Mother) using the remains of any phase-one batch.

As with any process performed repeatedly over time, every successive batch tastes better than the last. More importantly, I've learned that each batch also feels more healing to my body than the former. I know because my tummy says so. Currently experimenting with less sugar and higher caffeine teas than recipes suggest. This is to support my need to live a very low sugar lifestyle.

Every batch is blessed with spoken words of loving affirmations. The real lesson for me in this endeavor has illuminated a very simple formula. And so it goes, Desire + Action = Miracles. Upon reflecting on this simple formula I realized that every time I placed effort with pure intentions and let go, by allowing, the Universe conspires on my behalf. Life then seems to happen all on its own, effortlessly.

That is to say, results seem to magically fall into my life though efforts that honestly I feel I had no direct impact in actually creating. I simply trusted the process. What this has taught me is that expectations are really what poisoned any results I may have been blessed with.

Again, expectations, from what I have deduced, are the result of most my failures. Whereas real effort from pure loving intentions combined with the ability to let go of expected outcomes is how to manifest every blessing granted. I've not only seen this in my life but in the lives of every person I know having what, to me seems, like the "Midas touch."

Oh and there's one key variable to this formula I had not yet mentioned, the courage to just go for it. Not the reckless kind of "Fuck it" mentally we had in our twenties, but a deliberate mindful approach. Failure was not an option for the same reason Change is a constant, so is failure. Shit happens and failure is often time the cradle of growth.

Now that I realized success in brewing Kombucha, I have been feeling inspired to try bigger projects. Kimchi sounds like a next stretch goal and beyond that I will pursue blowing up my coaching practice to 50 recurring clients. Why not?