Thank you

Thank you for every breath, for every inhale and every exhale. Look into my eyes. I pray you can See the Love i wish upon you. To me You are beauty and together We are powerful- we are cosmic magic. Joy, i've learned, is cultivated through thankfulness. Through Gratitude.


Join me in being Light for all that fail to see their own. Support them and inspire them to cultivate their own power. Guess how? It's quite simple actually. "How can i help them without enabling or judging?" By being the example they need. Not through preaching or opinions.

One of my greatest lessons learned was listening for greater understanding and supporting without judgement. In other words, being present and Loving. Showing up lovingly and kindly. Not easy but very doable.

Let's not get it twisted. Call shit out that needs calling out. Simply and Lovingly ask. Not questioning. Asking and listening is the most powerful service we can offer everyone. Anyone.

Being heard and understood means more than "doing for" or "offering an opinion" to any aspect of life where opportunity presents itself. The glass is neither half empty nor half full. Thank you for the water and Bless you for being the glass. Thank you for being.