Ask and Allow

Hello resourceful and creative souls! Over the past weekend I was blessed to have been part of a wonderful experience as an intuitive healer. Sunday's healing event was special to me because of  the overall theme to everyone i provided healing. It validated the energy work I've already been co-creating in my life and Universe.

The energy and effort i am referring to sprouted from opportunities presented to me over and over and over (i can be hard headed) and over by the Universe to release rigid ways of thinking. Specifically, when it came to expectations and outcomes. Which i came to learn was my way of inserting "control" so as to "create safety" in my world. 

For example, perceiving that my ex-wife should just know all the unspoken nuances that made me feel loved was an expectation that  lead only to resentment. Or working my ass off for goals i've yet to be clear about has often resulted in disappointing outcomes. Are you feeling meh?

It wasn't until i simply learned to ask for what i wanted without fear of judgment, rejection or failure. When i trust in my higher power things seem to flow almost effortlessly. When i tried to "make" things happen it felt like an uphill battle. Why was that? It was because i alone cannot create. i alone do not exist. i learned to allow and trust that the Universe had my back. In doing so i finally learned what it means to co-create.

There is something much greater than me within and all around. Something we are all from and a part of in this realm. Bless all the doers that get the job done relying solely on their own resolve and pain staking effort without asking anyone or the Universe for a little help. Thankful am i for learning there's a more efficient way to live that expends far less energy through asking and allowing. I still put in my due diligence, don't get me wrong but then i ask and allow. 

Learning to trust in the people who Love me and the Universe by clearly asking for what i need and then allowing without expectations or outcomes has truly liberated me. It has also taught me a level of patience I never knew existed. 

You see, we all live within the confines of Universal time, not "human" time. It is our thinking that is backwards. The next time you feel stuck or unclear ask your Loved ones or the Universe for what you need and allow them to respond in your favor.