Allowing, not always easy

Hello all! Becoming clear is not always a straightforward process.

Learning to allow can be a little scary because to our mind it may represent letting go of "control." The thing is we've been conditioned to perceive most of what we "believe" anyway. That is ass-backwards logic. Granted, initially i also felt that allowing seemed to go against the grain.


Allowing does not mean sitting on our hands while waiting for something to happen. Quite the contrary. Not long ago my thinking was skewed with the perception that action and "control" were in some way cooperative and conducive to forward progress. However, time and time again i would find the only thing progressing was disappointment, impatience, and ultimately resentment.

When my expectations, or perceived outcomes, were not met by others let alone myself the result was usually the same, a huge serving of disappointment with a side of resentment. Thank you very much šŸ˜¤. Then i learned due diligence without expectation was the only way to be liberated from resenting myself and anyone else i held to my perceived expectations. Rigidity became fluidity over time.

Doing and allowing feels more natural to my body's inner knowing and more in alignment with the universe around me. Allowing to finally walk the walk in my faith and allow the cookie to crumble however it chooses. Yet another way to live more in concert with life. Now i do my honest best and forget the rest. I am finally kinder to me and those i Love.

Armed with this truth i Love more and give more freely, not perfectly just better through allowing. Do your best and forget the rest. Be well in #ThatLā¤ļøvingSpace