The dark side of release

Will you try something with me? It's really simple. All you have to do is breathe. You know, that thing we do with our lungs. We breathe in this life giving substance to then release it, making room for the next intake. Now go ahead and slowly draw in a deep breath, hold it for 3 seconds, and slowly release, ahhhhhhh. Doesn't that feel good? 

After a nice jog or intense physical activity it feels refreshing and invigorating. My body feels oxygenated and cleansed. Free from whatever I was feeling before. Not once did I lament the loss of any old energies held in my field of being.

Relationship with $$$, on the other hand, was very very different. It was this ugly, icky, sticky, smelly beast. Where even the smell of money would make me nauseous, bills and coins alike. Odd, I know! My attachment to its lack, of never having enough weighed heavy on my soul, always. That being the case then why was I living beyond my means?

Learned the hard way, as with most other life lessons, that money is a form of energy exchanged for goods and services. Not only is it used in energetic exchanges it can be put to work for me as well. What???? Was that even a thing? Investments, passive income and revenue streams... oh my. I would pay down my debt only to built it back up. Ludicrous I say! It was like I had some attachment to debt or being in a dimension of lack. Lunacy!!! Or was I failing to see the silver lining?

What is it about humanity that compels us to turn "Letting go" into such a bloody mess? There is a warming sensation that cascades throughout when celebrating what was with gratitude and thankfulness. I had reach a point where I needed to ask myself a very clarifying question in the pain of "Loss." Where did it actually come from?

Long ago when I received a phone call over the "Loss" of my best friend, I remember going numb, my chest feeling hallow. A defening void became the vacuum for all emotion. At his viewing, as he lay before me in that empty vessel designed for the underworld, a shell of what once was a vibrant beautiful soul felt surreal. I'd realized in that moment that I didn't know how to grieve.

As a medium, I've always sensed dead people, even then long before I knew to embrace my true nature, but this was an unknown for me. I was haunted by his image over the span of a decade until it was time. It took me finally being ready for releasing the idea of what I thought he meant to me. This longing kept me in lower vibration for a long time as did my relationship with money. Unable to ascend from the weight of all I carried. Leaving little room for what's to come.

We often take for granted the most important thing we need most, air in our lungs. However, the idea of someone or something leaving us either in death or otherwise often has such a lasting impression on our psyche. What about the gift of their existence in our life? The richness, however brief, graced upon us surely must be the antidote to any loss we could ever experienced. Right?

When was the last time thanks was praised for the air in your lungs? Is it their fault we weren't yet ready to love and accept them exactly how we realized we should have in hindsight? Does the idea of them trump the reality of their presence in our life? Of course not! 

I know you're hurting sister. I feel your pain brother. Holding on to the idea of what was will not bring what no longer is, nor will it allow moving on in peaceful ascension. Imagine an existence in which love is welcomed with open arms in the knowing that nothing in this this realm is forever. Knowing that releasing in love completes the cycle to its embrace. Welcoming love to release in love, when it is time, in grace.