Hey, wanna do a cleanse?

After a summer of travel, delicious eats, and more indulgent libations than any sane person who claims to care for their liver should have in one summer. Then I remember having this feeling wash over me. There was this strong desire of wanting to overhaul of my entire view and embodiment of wellness, my own wellness in particular. It wasn’t very clear at the time and in what form or how I would go about this transformation.

For weeks I’d been sharing with Jena how I’ve been feeling a need to change my eating habits and somehow know I’m low or deficient on nutrients. It was more like an intuitive knowing than some empirical knowing. I mean, how does someone instinctively really know their deficient on trace minerals and/or micro/macro nutrients? Granted I’ve been feeling sluggish and not as I know myself to be energetically speaking. Now by sluggish I really mean sloth. Feeling foggy and not as sharp didn’t help either. I wasn’t liking this me I was being either by not honoring my body in a way someone who knows better should be honoring their vessel. The shit I was allowing, was not conducive to my vulnerabilities to autoimmune dis-ease. And in all honesty I really wasn’t eating that bad by anyone else’s account, but It wasn’t about that. It was about my relationship with me. All this emotional work and passion of health felt like I was only scratching the surface.

Now typically it takes experiencing strong expressions of dis-ease from acute or chronic symptoms before we begin listening to what our bodies are telling us. In other words, we’ve allowed so much to go down hill, in the health department, before acknowledging there’s any issue at all. Imagine what we do with our emotions? It's even worse because we use food to mask what we feel. The next thing I know my dear friend Jessica Bubbico calls me out of the nowhere and asks if I’d be interested in a cleanse. I say nowhere but I really know that what I ask for is called forth by the Universe on my behalf. Without skipping a beat or having any knowledge of what’s involved I instantly reply with an emphatic "YES" before my mind even had a chance to process. “Well that was easy,” Jess says as I then begin to share how I’ve been wanting to do exactly that, a cleanse.

It's similar to several other cleanses I’ve done in the past with one big difference, the support offered this time around. Before I share the product line for the basis of this exploration into a whole new way of relating to me, allow me to highlight the importance of having the right support in place. Yeah I’ve done fasts and juicing cleanses before on my own with great self-accountability, no biggie. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. None of which were as impactful as the immensely powerful questions my badass wellness coach Jessica posed throughout the cleansing process. Her curiosity helped me look at this process in a whole new way. I wasn't just going through the motions and odd sensations of slight hunger pangs as I navigated each passing day ticked off my mental calendar. No, this became more a spiritual process than a physical one.

Questions like "What 'indulgent' or feel good/calming practices do you have in place already?" In place of food she means. And "Where could you use extra self care or built-in 'me' breaks to alleviate that need for 'rebelling' against the 'bad foods'?" Wow! The depth and insight had me looking at my eating habits in a whole new light. An aspect of my existence yet to be explored. Sure, I've always been innately drawn to a healthy lifestyle. And I'll even admit how allowing the natural ebb and flow of life to have influence over my routines. I've not consistently exercised in months, shameful I know. A jog here, body weight conditioning there, but overall no consistency. The exception, what I feed my face. Food and wine are my guilty pleasures. Preparing healthy savory meals paired with the right bottle of wine. Oh mama! A great time indeed. Which now begs the question, what am I really feeding, body, soul, or mind?

Which aspect of your being are you feeding? What's your relationship with the food? What's your relationship with self as it relates to yumminess? And where does that power lie, with you or food? Can you see how asking powerful questions evokes meaning from a primal act like eating? Now pair that with loving support from a coach holding you as a creatively resourceful and whole person, championing you along throughout the journey. Deepening the learning and forwarding the action in greater service for us all is the name of the game in authentic coaching.

The tasty and nutritious product line I hinted to earlier was initially not familiar to me. Have you heard of Shaklee? Yeah, well I hadn't before then and not long after I became a fan. Still researching for any journals I can find published in the wild as to the effectiveness of their products. This much I can say, once I began consistently taking the daily vitamin packs, I experienced positive results in how I felt. Nothing crazy or mind blowing with one exception, I only ate when my body felt hungry. That is to say, feeling satiated and satisfied nutritionally was a delightful surprise. I ate less and had far less cravings than before. In fact, it became very easy to discern between thirst or actually hungry for certain nutrients.

And that folks is one of the reasons why I treated myself to a cleanse, to detox from any addiction to sugar, salt, and empty calories. Another was to deepen my connection with self in my relationship with me. Combine with great coaching, and I was set up for success from the moment I said "YES."