The Dream

Everyone has a story. All stories, i find, are dynamically unique and also speak, in some regard, to an aspect of everyone else that learns of that story. Conventional wisdom had me believing in a dream of brokenness and that i needed saving. Savior from what and what made me broken anyhow?

Dreams are described as being a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep by Wikipedia. I would argue dreams are not limited only to sleep. "Living the American dream" is one such expression that has multiple implications and meanings. Many bust their asses to attain it while countless others only wish to awaken from the horrible dream crushing them under the weigh of a faulting government.


This begs the question "do We actually brake?" What breaks us and moreover how does one define their brokenness? Broken bones, broken sight, broken health, broken heart, paralyzed, broken in spirit, brain dead? No matter how i choose to perceive, the Whole remains the same. You are Wholly You, as am i. An aspect of you may experience a break but your life force, your Soul has always been whole and will always remain whole. "What makes you so certain?" i can already sense you asking. ;-)

Well, allow me to answer the previous question with another question and you can draw truth from your own conclusion. At any point in your "brokenness" and be completely honest with Yourself, where you in mindfully aware in your perception, or "dream," of the situation which you deemed as "broken?" Even if you were forced to escape war by way of an inflatable plastic boat, at any point were you wholly broken? Admittedly, i've never faced such adversity from the lush comfort of this great nation but nonetheless i've survived emotional pain like everyone else. You are either dead, comatose or Alive. All logic aside, our Soul, our connection to Spirit cannot be broken, it always just Is. If i've come to learn Source is Whole, then i must be Whole as a result. 

What makes me so certain is the awakening and realization that i was created whole and only dreamed i was living broken. The only thing "broken" was my perception of an aspect of me that has in truth been Whole the entire time.