The ally i never knew

In my journey towards a greater understanding of Love and Source in an unexpected surprise led me to a new healthier understanding of not only Love but of Fear most notably. Once upon a time Fear was the enemy, Satan or ego's alter self serving a singular sinister purpose, keeping me from the Light. Truth, on the other hand, was always there casting a light to the contrary compounded by our physiological response also attesting to this forsaken truth. 

If there is purpose in everything, if my greatest blessings are veiled by my greatest tragedies then Fear surely cannot not remain my most wrongfully misunderstood of allies. For anything otherwise would have certainly kept me in that perpetual whirlpool of insanity.

What ally teases with sign posts all along my winding journey instigating a deeper and richer understanding of self other than Fear? For what true ally coerces into light that which requires my undivided and full awareness while demanding absolute engagement of presence other than Fear? Only then did it occurred to me as divine wisdom began crystalizing into one irrefutable truth, both Love AND Fear were ALWAYS there from the beginning. Fear to my surprise doesn't lurk in the shadows plotting against me like some scary boogyman as previously thought. Instead by its very design taunts to excavate in my favor that which i'd chosen to not see. Where Love, through faith, awaits to embrace me in her everlasting Grace. Fear through challenge and pain, only encouraged me to reach deep within inner reserves of strength and courage.

Each and every shift, every new paradigm, this revelation unlike any prior belief disrupts all illusions of Fear. Cracks in what i once perceived are now chasms of light breaching the void where darkness once prevailed. Be well in that Loving space.