What's really being implied?


In my very winding journey there are things i know and there are things i KNOW. Fortunately i also know that in know jack about many many things. For instance the realization below.

"That i am to be respected is not always implied if i know not how to respect myself."

I know Love is a verb, an action word . It is a force and energy as well. Love can also translate into feelings that we then verb-alize or verb-out in demonstrated actions upon self or to others. Go with me on this...

Respect is no different. As with Love, respect is both a noun and verb. Its latin origin which translates to look back at, regard meaning to be held in regard. That is to say it's not just a human virtue, not merely a concept or ideal but also a posture, a way of being and in demonstrations thereof in regard.

Example, defending my boundaries either by kindly standing firm in my beliefs or not allowing myself to be treated any less than I believe is deserving of me. 

To believe respect in any form will always implied even by the ones we Love is something i thought was always known. Be well in the Loving space.