The existence of all that is

Waking back into consciousness from a night's slumber i'd noticed an email from a loved one Lovingly sharing their desire in comforting me with their assurance of God's existence. i, like many, have a scientific mind and also believe in miracles. As a seeker i am usually digging up knowledge and information about anything and everything i can sink my teeth into. Especially for clarity in the Divine and all miracles manifest therein. Not for proof but for understanding and growth.

The evidence already exists all around us in Gaia as in the celestial Heavens of Divine creation. The fact and blessed gift bestowed upon me with the ability to always be in constant communion with Spirit and receive messages from beyond to share with all existing in this realm of physical separation from our Source is all i require for my belief in a benevolent Higher Power we simple minded mortals define as God. 

However, to forsake thine own right of curiosity and wonder of the prospect in seeking not proof or evidence but clarity in the origins of our species would be to forsake thine own sense of rationale and gift of scientific understanding. You see, miracles, science, and magic are one in the same in my world and have already given me all the proof of Divinity i'll ever need. 

Miracles are all around me and when i tap into their Source and flow with the Universe that is when Love's peace abides in me. Love is my God and my God is Love. To me God is neither He nor She but One in Divine Feminine & Masculine existence. We are spiritual beings living a human experience until our next passage toward ascension.

The scripture and science to me do share a common interest though interpretation by many may suggest otherwise. Yes we were created in His image. But who's exactly? Science arose out of the need to give reason for our rational mind not as a means for Faith, i believe for a means towards understanding the miraculous. 

i for one do not believe we are the Only ones in existence of ALL Creation. To me, saying or believing we of the homo sapiens-sapiens species may have come to be from the genetic manipulation of a species far more advanced in Creation would be no different than saying or believing in words stating how "Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." Either are completely plausible for Anything is possible.

Context is the everything. God(s) is a definition that has gotten lost in translation, in my most humble opinion, by all of humanity in our naïveté. Though our Higher Power, our Divine Source, is absolute in its Divine Feminine & Masculine existence, our mortal definition and understanding is not. 

My faith and trust in the miraculous, in the Divine, is unshakable and will not cannot be forsaken for Love's strength abides in me. Source abides in me. 


I wanted to add a rant i'd recently posted that i feel resonates with this blog post.

"All is energy. There Is only One omnipresent, omnipotent energetic vibrational force. In its Fractals revealing each unique aspects of this One vibrational force. Love and Fear are among these varying and yet complementary vibrational energies of the One. As are energies of divine Feminine & Masculine, Light & Dark, Singularity & Everything. This One vibrational energy, this One force holds All forms. Through its multiple Dimensions, varying Degrees and Spectrums which add to and make up this all encompassing Whole. Thus Oneness of all creation through Source."