Gifts upon gifts

Every moment, every situation, every breath is a present blessed upon me by the Universe. This is something i truly believe down to my core and it is always most evident after the fact. When in the thick of things, however, try as i might to be conscious instead of being triggered always seems to present me with an opportunity for growth. Do you find this to be true as well? Hindsight is always 20/20.


Breath, such an essential function in so many ways - isn't it? Not only does it support life but also serves as the method by which we become still in communion with Self and Spirit to receive divine information and messages from beyond. And though i do remember to create a little space when feeling triggered sometimes it still escapes me to simply breathe. There are times when removing myself from a situation is simply not an option like in the car with an emotional child that wants to argue every fucking thing or frustrating meetings at work. The one thing i will always have power over is breath. Even emotions have a way of rendering me powerless at times. Breath is EVERYTHING! It truly is a catalyst to things living.

The only way i can get through a WOD (Workouts of the day) in Crossfit, on many occasions, is by calming and regaining my composure through breath. Almost like a micro-meditation in between reps or rounds as i struggle to complete a WOD. Because quitting is NOT an option and power in breath is my only saving grace. How about physical pain? "Just breathe..." is what i immediately tell myself when i'm so flippin sore from the previous day's WOD that enjoying a yummy session of Yoga can easily turn into a workout instead of it remaining my gift to me in moving meditation.

My point is mindfulness in breathing during any situation is how i can maintain power but when emotions get involved as an old school New Yorker would say "Forget about it..." and immediately that shit goes out the window. WTF?!?!?! Realizing that every breath is such a vital gift in my ability to embrace the air entering my lungs down into my Solar Plexus and releasing it back out to the universe. And all that is triggering me begins to melt away when my perspective changes and power is regained. There's a cascading affect that occurs for me when that happens, i find. First i breathe, then try to become mindful in giving thanks for such a gift and afterwards regain presence by realizing that even though it feels like someone else's shit may be about me, it's REALLY NOT. My triggers are mine, for sure, but the shit they're projecting is not. Lastly and here's the kicker, only have i recently started expressing gratitude for anything is triggers me. Wait what... Holy shit, talk about a shift in paradigm?!?!

Have you EVER done that, given thanks to a negative situation while still in it? "Why in the world would i ever do that" you ask? My answer to that would be try it and tell me what You find in the comments below. I know for me the word "profound" does not even begin to describe how it feels when i am able shift from feeling powerless to powerful over Me. If you think about it Oxygen does have a way of giving you a nice buzz with only positively beneficial side effects. Physically, it nourishes me and gives me life. Energetically, it shifts me. Spiritually, it lifts me. Overall breath blesses me in so many ways it would make this blog entry way too long as i recount them all. Seriously, comment below and tell me what you find. Be well in that Loving space.