The meaning of it all...

"Mommy, what is the meaning of life?" were words asked of a mother by her insightful child understanding there's something greater to our existence. As synchronicity would have it i too have been contemplating the very same as of late. Sign posts of life graciously kept revealing themselves to me through various modalities what the meaning of our purpose  really is through each incarnation.  


i'd like to share my perspective on why i believe we have been blessed with the opportunity to experience life. i strongly believe that we are designed to feel everything as viscerally as possible through emotions. Thoughts, feelings, emotions - Love, Fear, and every emotion in between therein that spectrum, equally.

Not buying into my cray-cray philosophy? Fair enough. Then seek truth within yourself as to why you exist and have been given all that makes you human. Then boil it down to its most elemental understanding. Of all the physical faculties and five senses allowing you to experience life, what ties it all together? Feelings and every emotion evoked by each experience. Experiences are there to evoke feeling that leads to emotion. Joy, pain, pride, frustration, pain, hurt, sadness, loneliness, etc.

Our growth, i believe, is directly tied to our responses and reactions, how we feel and the emotions that follow. Being mindfully aware in discerning between how to respond versus reacting to our emotions is vital towards understanding what and why we are experiencing these feelings. To me, that's underlying gift to our very design. We experience to Feel, to Love, to Fear, to live for LIFE. The experiences and subsequent lessons are THE purpose of our perfectly imperfect designed. Be well in Love and Light.