Allow healing...

Hope your week is glittered with blessings abound. Remember, blessings also reveal themselves in the form of pain and strife. My point, there is always space to learn, heal and grow. For a long time I remembered recognizing that which caused me pain but waiting for "Healing" to somehow knock on my door and hold my hand to some magical realm. Like waiting for my fairy Godmother to waive her wand and... POOF make it all right again.


Then life, in her infinite grace, revealed to me how healing requires that Loving space from which healing can be cultivated, nurtured and owned. No one can save me from myself but Source AND me.

You see, we all know, our souls already know the path to healing. Where we miss the mark is in the misconception that healing somehow happens external to ourself. Wisdom is amassed through living experiences while knowing is divinely within us already. Then there's our empirical worldly knowledge which is external of ourself.

So - ARE YOU READY to allow healing? Of course you are; we all are! The real question is is the space needed for healing already created in your life? If you are ready to create that Loving space for healing then i invite you join me and together we can allow healing to happen. Be well in Love and Light.