The space we co-create when we are Love-able

i'm sure by now it is pretty obvious i have somewhat of a thang for Love. Well it's more than a mere thing actually. Describing it is very difficult to verbally express. That's because, for me, what i feel seems deeper and far beyond this realm. Reading books about it and always writing about it could make me somewhat knowledgable on the subject but in reality i know only what i know and still manage to make mistakes either in the name of Love or in Fear of the same.


Recent experiences in Love continue to reveal truths of self while constantly affirming Fear's inverse proportion to Love. That is to say, the greater the Love is the greater the Fear. Remember, Fear is as much an ally and guide as Love.

The most glaring truth, how was i showing up? How Love-able was i choosing to be at every opportunity? Certainly i'm Lovable ;-) as are you but are we really allowing and being truly Love-able? Let's face it, we are ALL divinely Love-able and yet our perfect imperfections can make it a struggle in recognizing and subsequently owning our Love-able-ness. Here's a notion, Love in order to heal instead of needing Love to heal... Self-Love will always be an undeniable truth. It is in that space we co-create between ourselves and Source. However, what i'm really getting at is a shift in the why we Love.

Let me break it down this way, 1+1=3. That's right, you read it correctly. You and i in any relating co-created space defines a relationship. You, me and our relationship equals three; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Is it clicking now? How we relate is everything to the growth and success of any space we take part in together. That relating space is its own living breathing ecosystem. It is the space where miracles happen, if allowed.

Think about it, how else will you learn Your ability and capacity for Love. Or even Your Truth if you do not co-invest in that space? How would there be any room for inter-personal co-expansion? For it is through our investment and attention in that space where Miracles do happen; between you and anyone, between everyone! Apologies for my overuse of "co-" but it's the best way to drive my point.

For example, Love of self is where we develop the skills necessary for discovery and healing through that space we created with ourselves. Of course the right partnership is required for such a space to exist between two or more souls but the focus should always be about the living breathing relating ecosystem that's co-created between us all. Are ya feelin me?

Your Love won't heal me, the space your Love creates allows me to heal myself. Just as no one person can save you from yourself, it's that Loving space co-created that allows you save yourself. It is always and will always be between you and source through that Loving space co-created with everyone you relate and connect with.

It is through this realization that i learned to Love with no conditions and more accountability. It is through this shift in why i Love that has allowed my healing to blossom like a bloom that follows a refreshing spring rain. So i invite you to ask yourself how Love-able are you in that Loving space you are co-creating with self and another?