Welcome the Shift

Are you feeling it, that shift? That something in the air you can't quite explain?

Hi Lovely Light seekers and welcome to another edition of my ranting. The reason you feel it is because there is something in your Soul resonating with this Shift. Been feeling it for a very very long time myself.


In my own journey fighting to unravel the mystery of what i felt, not that long ago, a battle within me waged for years. My mind with its rigidity and need for structure and control contradicted everything my heart was sensing and picking up vibrationally from this realm and others. I felt restless, always. Now even.

Your mind is yet to make sense of this Shift as you begin to feel this "stir" just as mine did. It wasn't until i allowed myself to Feel it, embrace it, and eventually welcome it into my life that everything began to shift. I pinky promise and cross my heart this Shift is here to serve You, to serve Us All.

Have you ever waded in shallow water or driven down a dirt road? Then you know deep inside that any Shift is bound to raises some dust or eyebrow , disturbing the status quo. Guess what I have discovered? That it is quite alright. Not only alright but support has shown up for me when i've had the courage to show up authentically. Its okay to ruffle some feathers especially your own. Just do it from the goodness of your heart. Allow Grace to guide your actions towards this Shift.

What i've learned is to allow everyone and anyone the opportunity to support me in my discovery of Truth. There is no codependent obligation, of course, should they choose otherwise. Better than shutting them out through false assumptions and illusion. You never know, you may just be the catalyst they needed in their transformation.

Healing and gratitude, i realized, are the two most important steps toward this Shift. It was the only way i could see things for what they truly are plainly and clearly.

Humanity, our collective consciousness, is evolving, elevating. Being part of the collective does not dull our individuality, for me it reinforces and supports my abilities and gifts. We each bring our own unique flavor to this versatile dynamic stew.

We each have an opportunity to contribute to the greater good while maintaining our autonomy, our independence. Free from external emotional co-dependence, free from attachment. Freedom ain't free and a price must be paid but not in the falsehood of sacrifice as we have been taught. Yes, we must let go of what no longer serves us to make room for what does without forgetting how we got there.

Welcome the Shift. Hear its Calling and do you boo boo. Do you. And be a contribution to Us ALL.