What we feel and our Now

Hello beautiful souls. Time for me to share some more of my truths in hopes of setting others free. In my own healing work as a wounded soul and healer blessings never cease to inspire.

One of my many blessings in this healing process was a beautiful distinction between understanding feelings intellectually versus emotionally. A cultural and societal gap often overlooked for many by many. Even in this new age of emotional awareness, i often intellectually ”understood" most of my own wounds but never allowed myself to actually feel them. 


As a very spiritual man and culturally for many 'feeling' is a taboo. That's what makes it so scary, not actually feeling. The implications and misguided perceptions of allowing ourselves to feel are why feeling can be so scary. Getting things intellectually and feeling them are very distinct from one another. You see, though feelings are processed in our minds they are felt in our bodies. Our entire nervous and endocrine systems help us to Feel. What a beautifully creative design! 

The other truth that took me by surprise intellectually and emotionally was that my feelings are real and must be honored. However, there was a caveat, it was imperative that i be mindful enough to ask myself how accurate is what i feel to my Now. Not only have we an internal dialogue system but we have years of conditioning governing our perception. Tapes that play over and over. 

So when you're feeling some type of way ask yourself how accurate or relevant to Now are your feelings. Is it my shit or theirs that's triggering me? And how relevant to this situation are my feelings? Armed with such mindfulness is how we give ourselves the power to respond with grace and poise. Not always easy but better with practice.

So don't hide from the mess, learn to navigate through it. That is being human. This is one way in which we can honor and Love ourselves. Be well in that Loving space.