Baggage, not an option

What if all you needed were the clothes on your back to experience the greatest adventure of all? How would that feel? Liberating or uneasy? Let's reframe this idea and shift our perception. What if all you needed was the Love in your heart and mind to experience the greatest adventure of all? How would that feel? 


Intellectually, quite easy to comprehend. Emotionally processing this idea, however, requires real moxie. It demands being real, honest and compassionate with Self. This is an adventure i have willingly and courageously embarked. Scary, let me tell you but also very exhilarating, liberating, and most of all empowering. Best part is i now give myself permission to FEEL.

Let’s start from the beginning though. Recognizing something needed to change meant a shift in my perception was paramount if i was to realize my truths. i first and foremost needed to see that unhealthy loops were repeating over and over in my life. Self awareness is not at all an easy thing without help from supportive and loving resources such as a great therapist or a caring coach. Getting real with my shit required a whole new level of awareness i could not have done alone.

Revealed to me in this process were emotional tapes with recordings of stories no longer part of my current reality, my Now. Old ass VHS tapes (yeah, i’m from that generation. LoL) playing the same old crap from a time of powerlessness and dysfunctional emotional dishonesty. Meanwhile the current ‘me’ was reacting to Now with old information and outdated references. Talk about having my mind blown… Try mushroom cloud… KABOOM!

This forced me to re-evaluate EVERYTHING. My relationship with Self, parenting, money, work, Love, everything! Every relationship i maintained was based on those old crusty tapes. Eye opening is an understatement. None of which were relevant to Now. As a dad my parenting was based on recordings of how my mom and dad parented me.

Dysfunctional as it was this remained my inaccurate reality. Not allowing myself to feel and process also meant not creating a Loving safe space for my children to do the same. What kind of legacy would i be creating in their lives with that sort of living? It all starts with me. Kindness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, etc. We teach through doing and sharing not professing and preaching. They will do as i do. Eventually. Oy vey!

In the end to live in Love, forgiveness and abundance meant releasing my death grip on baggage no longer serving me. Where i am going baggage is not an option. Planting the seed of growth, of true self awareness, cannot happen without the light of perception and the water of desire in order to break through layers of muck keeping us in the darkness of fear.