Wondering an uncharted forest

Warm rays from our celestial solar source, salty surf splashing and foaming along white sandy beaches are an all too familiar memory for most of my life. Something about sandy shores and the salty ocean always grounded and centered me. It was all i knew, living the salt life as a kid.

For an Aries, water will always be an innate element for this Martian ruled fire sign. Nonetheless, being in or under water feels so natural and familiar that i sometimes i swear i can breath it in as i do air until i'm reminded buy the searing burn in my lungs after trying. 


Until several years ago i'd never been camping or hiking in the mountains. Their majestic peaks covered in green colored foliage like fur on massive roaming bears was truly an experience very foreign to me. Their vibrational energy is hypnotic, almost makin me woozy unlike the ocean's profoundly calming ebb and flow. My crown buzzes with such intensity i feel high as one does from breathing in too much oxygen. I share all this to say between both experiences, the powerful calming ocean and energizing buzz of the mountains there really isn't a feeling of aloneness for me. As vast and grand i find each to be there truly is no void of life. Following me so far?

A series of shifts, healing, and the seeming end of a significant relationship, my world has been flipped on its head. My efforts towards full time coaching while still working my day job in IT and remaining a present and engaging father is taking all i've got. Then, recently, during an amazing coaching session imagery flooded my visual senses and the most apropos metaphor revealed itself, representing where i currently am in my transition.

You see lately and unclear as to why visions of a forest have been at the forefront of my thinking. Then it all became very very clear. My higher self is this uncharted forest. It was evident by the lack of trails and pristine terrain this forest represents my higher Self (Me) and the me i envision venturing among the trees feeling lost and afraid is the adult version of my inner child. In this space my bearings feel off, distinguishing up from down and left to right are all but gone. As lonely as i feel i know in my core i am not alone. It still feels so foreign to me though.

Or is it my perception that would have me believing so?

When we purposefully make the intention to heal unhealthy protective patterns from our past and begin peering into our true safe expansive landscape what is revealed my seem foreign at first. Being trapped in our "past" thinking mode for so long we fail to realize the terrain of our present Self has change. As ever capable beings connected to all that is are we ever really alone? Even in times of loneliness? The answer is clear, we are not ever alone. Your higher self will always provide a space where You are always connected to all that is. Be well in that Loving space.