Love, translated

English, my first language. Yet distinct and culturally different from some bloke in Britain. Naturally, mutual understanding requires each to share in language the other comprehends. Then why is it we treat Love with such little regard through assumptions and unspoken expectations?


Certainly we can all agree Love to be a universal force and fundamentally expressed through action. Right? I believe it is in the expression where Love gets lost in translation.

The Love you express is as succinctly unique as your perfect imperfections. Will this mean, however, that your Love translates to someone else feeling equally as Loved, let alone understood? What if receiving gifts do not feel the same as experiencing quality time through meaningful connection? For some sincere and affirming words fill their love bank but what they may actually receive are loving acts of service.

Please do not misunderstand what i am conveying. As stated by one of my favorite artists "It is wonderful to be loved but profound to be understood" - Vintage Girl Designs. I am eternally grateful and wish to extend my deepest and sincerest Thank You for every bit of Love received along my winding journey. Every warm, thoughtful and Loving expression made in my honor has shaped who i am. Without which i know not where i'd be. Very blessed indeed.

We are all one and unique onto ourselves. We are blessed to share in this universal force called Love. More than that we each have a moral obligation for Loving one another. Why just love someone when we have the power to make them feel understood? We are all worthy. Namaste.