On a path to compassion

Original wounds. Neglect, anger, narcissism, codependency, distrust, disrespect, dishonor. Deep bloody emotional wounds. The ugliness passed on through generations. Propagating and pervading genetic bits of binary biology.


Be blessed and lovable. Be 'that person' who would inspire you. Be kind to self as you would another. Be open and honest with yourself and everyone. Be authentic. Truth can be expressed kindly and allow for it to be received on their terms, not yours. When abundance fills your cup only then can you share of the overflow. When we Love to share what is already abundant there is no need nor want. Respect and honor your boundaries and that of another.

Compassion can only be experienced when you acknowledge your own pain, your wounds. That wounded child scared and alone, needs You now more than ever to show them the way. That child is the one who is trapped not You. Free them and you will free yourself.

You have the power to reframe perception and be 'that' role model for your inner child. Show them safety through your vulnerability and reestablish trust within. You are worthy as is that inner child. Together you and You are whole.

Together you and You are both eternal! Be well in #ThatLovingSpace.